Kudu Photobomb

On safari in Kariega Game reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape, we were returning from an afternoon game drive when we came across some female kudu. As ...
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On safari in Kariega Game reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape, we were returning from an afternoon game drive when we came across some female kudu. As we eased past them, I happened to look out of the back of the jeep, and noticed two other females amongst the bushes. Without thinking I grabbed two shots of the first one, and it was only on reviewing the images I realised that the one in the background had performed a perfectly placed photobomb!

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Hood PRO+
Hood February 09, 2019
Beautiful captire...nice DOF..
Lisetta3 March 21, 2019
Beautiful! Perfect moment,....
cgd2011 PRO+
cgd2011 March 22, 2019
Looks like he posed and smiled for you. Great Shot!
cgd2011 PRO+
cgd2011 March 22, 2019
tomdurkin PRO
tomdurkin April 07, 2019
Stunning shot on many levels!
tomdurkin PRO
tomdurkin April 07, 2019
Stunning shot on many levels!
tomdurkin PRO
tomdurkin April 07, 2019
Stunning shot on many levels!
simonparry April 30, 2019
Sandypartlow4 PRO+
Sandypartlow4 May 01, 2019
Oh My Gosh this is amazing!!!
karenphillips_1195 May 01, 2019
Love the symmetry!
deborahlynnshoniker May 06, 2019
What a gorgeous photo The colours ,natural state so sharp and clear . Beautiful love their expressions!:-)
RickL PRO+
RickL May 08, 2019
Exceptional composition
Jujumee October 09, 2019
stunning shot at the right moment
Trudie January 06, 2020
kbsimages PRO
kbsimages August 05, 2020
Beautiful photo!!!!
kwendelittle December 28, 2020
kconkling January 18, 2021
Beautiful capture!
stephaniicampbell January 18, 2021
Amazing shot
martinasmith_9969 January 18, 2021
This is beautiful xxx
diannechapman_5606 PRO
diannechapman_5606 January 18, 2021
joecorley PRO+
joecorley February 02, 2021
great capture/composition!
philipburrows Platinum
philipburrows February 22, 2021
Stunning wildlife
lisarobertsphotos PRO
lisarobertsphotos March 09, 2021
Beautiful shot!
BIGDADDY19 March 11, 2021
Very nice
KirthsPhotography PRO
KirthsPhotography March 21, 2021
Nice shot!
parastoomohajerani March 29, 2021
IronandStonePhotography April 02, 2021
Get out!! Such a great capture, and awesome effect!
donna7 April 13, 2021
Beautiful shot!!
irenakatiliene May 14, 2021
Erena May 20, 2021
Awesome shot
Guffey316 PRO
Guffey316 June 24, 2021
i love this photo
MeggnRenee July 29, 2021
So cute!
Cherilynn75 August 05, 2021
Cool picture
debbiefickel August 05, 2021
So cute
Shyghost PRO
Shyghost August 07, 2021
Beautiful photo
birchtreephotography65 Platinum
birchtreephotography65 September 08, 2021
Love it
LesleyAnne21 Platinum
LesleyAnne21 September 11, 2021
Absolutely Beautiful
ragabelhmamy September 20, 2021
skylarkwillowbee September 27, 2021
Simply beautiful
michellegibbs1967 October 10, 2021
victoriajd_6522 November 02, 2021
CameraWitMe258 Platinum
CameraWitMe258 December 07, 2021
Fantastic job

Behind The Lens

Kariega Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa
I was so pleased with this image! It was taken mid-afternoon, as we were heading back to our lodge after a game drive. I was sat in the back seat of our open-top jeep, and as we rounded a corner we had to slow down to pass a kudu standing on the track. As we passed it, I happened to look behind me and noticed another kudu down a small side track. Without thinking, I swung my camera around and fired off 2 shots before it disappeared from view. When we got back to the lodge and I reviewed the images, I was thrilled to see that not only was it wonderfully sharp, but that there had been a second kudu stood beyond it and perfectly-framed between the ears of the first! I hadn't noticed this at the time, so this image was a complete fluke. 15th May 2018 15:00
Despite being mid-afternoon the South African sun was shielded by the surrounding dense undergrowth. This gave a much more even lighting and avoided harsh contrast and strong shadows that were often a problem photographing in that area.
Shot using a Canon EOS 5D mk3 Lens: Canon EF 400mm f2.8 L II The lens was a hired one (specially for the safari), and is probably the best lens I have ever come across. The image stabilisation is astounding, as is the image quality. This was taken hand-held at 1/350 and f2.8 from the back of a moving jeep whilst twisting backwards and looking over my left shoulder! (I have another shot of a lion at dusk taken hand-held at 1/25 (1 twenty-fifth) of a second at f2.8 and the quality of that is stunning too) . I just wish I could afford to own one outright!
This was a spur-of-the-moment shot. We were on safari, so obviously taking photos was the main goal, but I never saw this shot coming. It was an instant reaction to a photo opportunity, and I didn't realise exactly what I'd captured (with the distant kudu) until I reviewed the images later.
Fairly minimal processing. There has been a very slight crop at the top, and I've deepened the blacks and increased the overall contrast because the lighting in that shaded area was very flat indeed. A subtle dark vignette to lead the eye to the centre of the shot, and that was it.
In my camera bag
Canon EOS 5Dmk4, and 5Dmk3 as a backup. Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L II Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L Canon EF 50mm f1.4 Canon EF 2x Extender III Manfrotto 190B tripod Manfrotto 681B monopod Waterproof camera cover, spare batteries, memory card wallet, battery charger, iPad, notebook, lens cleaning kit, photo halter (for horses - I'm an equine photographer mainly)
Be familiar with your equipment. This was, literally, a snapshot, but if I had had to think about settings or focusing before taking it then I'd have missed the shot.

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