Vintage Minolta camera on dark wood board.

Vintage Minolta camera on dark wood board.
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Behind The Lens

I do not have a professional photography studio (as of yet), however; I do believe I will have one in the near future; so in the meantime my living room acts as my full time studio for all of my pictures.
This picture was not a one shot deal. I really wanted to get some reflection in the lens to make it stand out a bit more, so I had to keep moving or shifting the camera (in the photograph) till I could see that perfect reflection in the lens and because it was late afternoon my natural light was coming from the west and the house that is behind me, acted as the perfect reflector of light to capture the image I wanted to see in the lens. For me it was a terrific shot.
My photography style is a rustic dark / mood or low light, so I tend to shoot a bit under exposed to get the desired look. In this shot the way I controlled the lighting, was having a lot of dark props to absorb the of light that was coming in through the window, so with the controlled light, the angle of the camera (in the shot) turned in such a way to capture the soft light.
The camera I used for the shot was my Nikon D7200 and my lens of choice was Nikkor 50mm 1.8D Prime. No tripod was injured (used) during this shot.
Honestly, the inspiration for this shot came from talking with my business partner. We am on the verge of starting a photography business and we wanted our business card to express our styles and type of photography that we do, without verbally describing it on our card. Hopefully, this does not sound shallow to anyone reading, but it is the honest truth.
As my style of photography is more of a rustic, dark / mood, there is not a lot of post-processing happening in this shot except for bringing out the varying tones. I don't use presets as I like to do my own, so I focused on the HSL and Tone Curves in Lightroom CC to bring out the desired effect.
In my camera bag
As I really only use one camera, my camera of choice will always be my Nikon D7200 (until I can get a full-frame of course), Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM, Nikkor 50mm 1.8D Prime which I'm completely in love with as you can tell from my photo, and a Cameron Tripod. As you can see, my equipment is very simple.
If you are into still life photography, you are in charge of creating the style for the viewer so it is important to know the style of of photography you want to capture. Once you know your style, you can create stunning pictures even in it's simplest form. My motto is "Keep it Simple" don't over complicate the image.

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