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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a great Blues Festival in Amersfoort, Holland. Every year there are great Dutch and also American Blues artist playing their music on this nice little festival which takes place in Amersfoort, Theater Flin tand is organisised by somne lokal heros in cooparation with Flint. It was my second shoot of this festivall. The first band, More Than Blues played as one of the first bands on the big stage. I have all freedom to make my pics, so this one was made aside from the stage.
It was the start of the Festivall, Flirting With The Blues. My second opportunity to shoot this music event as the "home photographer". I love the Blues and I love the bands. The first year I made a great pic of The Delgado BrothersBand (USA) from which one photo was picked for the Poster of the festival. I was realy proud on that one. And now, the second shoot I took a moment from teh band, "More Than Blues". The joy of the Drummer, his great performance and the difficult light. I looked and took the photo.
The lights were difficult. Theatre lightning, I love it. Its challange gives Always unexpected results. With this pic I new I wanted a lot of contrast and the lights on stage gave me what I wanted. That n B&W, gave me the pic I was looking for.
I normaly use a Canon, Eos 5D mark 3 with "my" standard lens 24-70 2.8. Also I use, specially for concerts, the Canon 70/200mm. In this case I used that lens (95mm). TV 1/160 App 2.8. I Always shoot out my hand during concerts. .
I am Always inspired by the passion of the musicians. Looking through my lense, I feel one with them. I can in that way make the best photos during concerts.
I use Lightroom for ost processing. Looking for sharpness, straitning and that kind of things.
In my camera bag
I uselay have two cameras (Canon 5D mark 3, three lenses, Flash, some filters. But it depends of the assignment I have.
My advice for concert photography: Just keep looking through the lens. You never know the unexpected moment to happen, so better be ready for it. Look for the passion, the eyes, and keep yr feeling with the object you want to cover. You will see you will love it!!!

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