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toddjudd PRO+
toddjudd October 05, 2018
Love this photo! Love Jamaica and this photo
szleslgbor October 05, 2018
Why is this adult? There are no nude parts, anything
nicolejminde October 06, 2018
I feel like this photo is all about a beautiful person capturing their own sunrise. Photos are so owned......unique oh passion too,!!!! Love it.

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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken at an unnamed black sand beach near Port Royal, Jamaica. I always do a lot of location scouting, just stopping randomly at any point if I think I see something worth investigating.
It was Summer so it was hot and humid at the time we had arrived. This shot was taken about 4pm after waiting for the sun to down a bit.
One portable flash was used along with the Sun as key light. I just wanted to avoid blowing out the sky but keep the model visible with enough so the pocket
On this shoot I used Canon 7D Mark ii, Canon 70-200mm at ISO100 / f4.0 / 1/250 sync speed. 1 Godox TT600 flash in a 24x24 Godox soft box with a Impact light stand.
This image was inspired by the Independence holiday of Jamaica. I wanted to keep it simple but in keeping with the colors of our national flag which is Black, Gold and Green. This image along with others from the shoot was also published in the Jamaica Observer (one of the leading newspaper) in time for the holiday celebration.
I did a little editing for small blemishes and tones adjustment and added vibrance and a little color grading to counteract the blue hue of the day.
In my camera bag
I pack my Canon 7D Mark ii for street, fashion or portrait shoot but I will carry my Canon 5D Mark ii for other occasion like wedding photography. I will pack my Canon 24-70mm and 70-200mm both f/2.8 for portrait, Tonika 16-28mm f2.8 for wide and landscape with 2 Godox TT600 with a soft box and light stand and my tripod.
I consider myself a growing photographer, who is still as passionate about photography as the day I started while I learn to manage changes in light and conditions around me. I had planned this shoot with as much details as I could but you can never count for weather or other small conditions that can affect your or the model mood and vibe, that part you just go with the flow of the day. Sometimes You can envision a shot before you even put your eye to the camera because you know what you want but never be so rigid in your mind that you cannot see more possibilities than what you have planned for.

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