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VFPinternational August 26, 2018
Stunning. Shots like this inspire me to be a better wedding photographer. 😍
JillMostPhotography August 29, 2018
Thank you so much everyone!!! Super blessed and appreciate all the love and support. :)
allenjosephphotography August 30, 2018
Stunning shot..
PhillipJGordonPhotography September 21, 2018
ashoknair October 07, 2018
Excellent colors and lighting, great capture
picturetastic November 08, 2018
Hi there! I love this shot! How did you get those dots everywhere??? I absolutely love the feel.
lenswine Mar 17
MidnightRider Jul 20
Wonderful picture.






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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at a wedding in Washington. There was a beautiful venue but with the over hot direct sunlight and lack of areas to make some art for the couple I told them let's wait a little while and see what I can come up with.
Sun set in July so around 8:30ish. I am glad I waited for the sun to move around more. I search for lighting all the time. The sun hit through this area as in a perfect movie! I saw this area since a car drove out it and the way it made dust and I saw the lighting I knew this was a perfect area to work in.
Look for lighting all the time. I see windows I see natural lighting in every thing I do. once you start to look for it you will start seeing it everywhere. I tell all my clients I am not 100% on this but lets try it. And I won’t lie most of the time it always works out perfectly.
I used my Nikon 750 and that’s it. My eyes are the main part of finding the areas and lighting.
I love making art! If I can make something magical for each client in a day of craziness then I have done my job right. Not only in the wedding industry do I have to be on the ball with everything going on and then be the personality everyone loves. I need to make something out of nothing sometimes and I LOVE it.
I do a lot of photoshop work. I do not do it where the couple’s are not recognized and or they are not real. This one I did enhance the saturations and put a bit of dehaze on my trees and gravel. I pulled up some light on the couple and moved some little dust flairs around to make it special for them. Then voila it was a magical piece of art.
In my camera bag
Prime lens, my three or four bodies ( all Nikons), I do have external flashes and chapstick with water hahaha
Just look for light! There is so many possibilities in every place you go you just need to look and take a moment to see it.

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