Rooftop of the Duomo

This 'Duomo' (meaning cathedral) is in Florence. It was late afternoon and would just start to sprinkle as we made our way down and out after our tour...
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This 'Duomo' (meaning cathedral) is in Florence. It was late afternoon and would just start to sprinkle as we made our way down and out after our tour. There were spectacular views all around. In this shot I used the leading lines to the ledge of pot like vessels toward the dome itself...and just enough of the horizon to bring the surrounding hillsides into the frame.
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dvcannatelli PRO+
dvcannatelli August 20, 2018
Been to Florence. This building is incredible.
AdirahsEyes August 20, 2018
I totally agree! This is as high as we climbed. I think it was high enough. The details inside and out of the Duomo are magnificent! We think New Orleans is old.. it doesn't hold a candle to cities in Europe!

Behind The Lens

This the world famous landmark, The Duomo of Florence. It is a magnificent Gothic Revival cathedral with a finished construction date of 1436! This shot is from the rooftop that overlooked the cityscape of this beautiful historic Italian city.
This rooftop area is only accessible to tour groups. It was mid-afternoon close to 4PM
I scheduled the tour for as late as possible for the sun to be as gentle as possible. I was fortunate that rain was approaching with its accompanying clouds. The clouds diffused the light for optimal shooting from this one of a kind vantage point.
Walking through cities looking and touring a light load is imperative. I used my go-to Nikon D5300 with a Tamron 18-400 lens. It is so versatile I can catch beautiful landscapes and equally well, the details of architecture and nature shots. No flash, no tripod.... only my trusty cleaning
I booked this tour before I began my trip and looked forward to the rooftop view. Each time I am in urban areas I always look for various vantage points. This one, only for ticketed tours. I shot every angle available while in this private viewing area.
I used Lightroom to edit this shot. Mostly simple enhancements such as clarity, contrast, and vibrance. No adjustments with filters.
In my camera bag
When out on a shoot, I usually bring my go-to camera and lens mentioned above (Nikon + Tamron). If I think there will be a need, my Nikon macro which is easy and light to have 'just in case'. I have a small, lightweight tripod for stabilization or timed shot. I prefer to keep my lens clean as I shoot so cleaning cloths are a must. I wear glasses and the camera pushes and smudges. I have to see clearly and the camera does as well.
I like to research images online before shooting a historical landmark. View Bug is a great place to get ideas. Just search the place and see what others have posted. Great ideas for POV/perspectitves to shoot. High, low, side, into the light, backlight... all are pre-shoot considerations. When I'm on site, I do another assessment on direction and perspective, striving to watch my composition for that great shot that WOWs.

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