Cats Family

Family of cute Egyptian cats

Family of cute Egyptian cats
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davidsloan June 21, 2020
Great capture,not easy keeping three cats looking at the lens!!
Jonitron PRO+
Jonitron June 26, 2020
Great Achievement. The perfect Cat Family Portrait.

Behind The Lens

I took this photo at my home town Alexandria, Egypt. I usually take my camera for a walk by the Mediterranean hunting for a good capture.
I take every available opportunity to go out for a walk by the sea, the clear sky and the bright sun was encouraging too. I went out at the morning with my camera on my shoulder and took this photo at 10:43 AM
There were nothing special about lighting in this photo, Just the natural lighting of the bright sun up in the middle of a completely clear blue sky.
This was shot by my NIKON D5100, with a Sigma 18-250mm F3.5 lens. No other gear was involved.
Every time I go for a walk on the corniche of Alexandria there is always new people, kids, pets, etc. And they do a wide range of actions to entertain themselves. The moment I spotted those three cats I knew I have to photograph them. Their composition, the eye contact, their warm colors against the cold colors of the background, and of course their cuteness, everything about them was just beautiful and inspiring.
I always shoot RAW photos and I do process every single photo I take in Adobe Lightroom. In this particular photo I've boosted the saturation of the colors to emphasize the contrast between cats' warm colors against the cold blue of the sky and the sea in the background, and I also reduced the shadows caused by direct sunlight.
In my camera bag
Actually, I'm a minimalist when it comes to equipment, I always prefer being light and move freely, over anything else. That's why I usually take only one camera body with a single all-in-one lens when I'm being on the move, looking for photos all day long.
Just because a photographer would be in the same places for too many times doesn't mean there won't be something new to be captured, just be ready and open for the opportunity when it come.

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