Ragdoll Sunset

iPhone photo - It is amazing how a tiny tilt of a camera can make a difference in capturing the colours. This is one of my best ones....
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iPhone photo - It is amazing how a tiny tilt of a camera can make a difference in capturing the colours. This is one of my best ones.
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26 Comments | Report
davidbidmead January 24, 2014
Gorgeous capture ! Love the colors.
ogilvie January 24, 2014
You play beautiful with colours !!
vbballestermarg415761 January 25, 2014
onyanita PRO+
onyanita January 29, 2014
fabulous shot with the iphone. Love the silhouetted trees against all the beautiful colors
AnnuO February 01, 2014
Thank you all! A while after taking this photos, I noticed that I was walking neck bend backwards and staring the skies...
anoopnamboothiri February 02, 2014
Magnificent !!! Colors and excellent silhouettes !!!!!
Chrissimpson01 February 11, 2014
Beautifully framed, love the contrast and colours
AnnuO February 23, 2014
Thank you, Chris, for your kind comments!
DonTX February 11, 2014
Beautiful sunset shot. Great colors in the clouds.
joecas February 16, 2014
very nice!
ovosphotography February 21, 2014
like this one!
AnnuO February 23, 2014
Dear all, thank you so much for your kind comments, they all are truly appreciated :)
DanK Premium
DanK March 12, 2014
Very nice. Great shot.
davidsloan March 13, 2014
Great silhouettes and clouds, I love it.
zengolfer22 March 25, 2014
Great light!
Flosno March 28, 2014
Lovely entry....voted
carlosramos March 29, 2014
Perfectly composed and photographed, also vote, good luck !
AnnuO May 11, 2014
All your kind comments are truly appreciated!
bearinmybackyard June 18, 2014
voted good luck
Flosno June 25, 2014
Nice entry....voted
bearinmybackyard September 16, 2014
voted good luck
AnnuO September 16, 2014
Many thanks for the votes! They are truly appreciated.
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 September 19, 2014
Excellent work, voted How To Wow
AnnuO August 02, 2015
A big thank you for your support!
Flosno September 26, 2014
Nice entry....voted
AnnuO August 02, 2015
A smile for you, Louise! Thank you!
Flosno October 04, 2014
Great entry....voted
ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen February 02, 2016
Lovely shot.
AnnuO February 02, 2016
Thank you :))
Mirza_Cengic March 10, 2016
Very nice capture with nice color.
AnnuO March 11, 2016
Thank you for your kind comment :))
nina050 PRO+
nina050 August 08, 2016
Wow...! Beautiful!
AnnuO August 08, 2016
Thank you, Nina. I think this is one of my best ones...

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Tervueren Park nearby Brussels, Belgium. I am an amateur photographer and I am always looking for something that gives me an inspiration and makes me smile.
It was early Autumn evening and I was walking with my dog in this Tervueren Park which is one of our favorite places to go out and about. The forest with it's tall linden trees is a wonderful and magical place. This particular evening the sun set was so beautiful and clouds were colored like I had never seen before. The air was cool and there was nobody else except us in this part of the forest. It was perhaps around 4 pm and we were already heading towards our car when I just stopped on my tracks looking amazed into the skies seeing all this.
I always prefer natural light and natural color's when taking photos. The evening light was fading fairly fast. Along the path we were walking it seemed much darker and the contrast between the dark and light was very intriguing. The last sun rays were penetrating beautifully through the tree branches and giving this magical, unspoiled feeling that I love in nature so much.
This time I had with me only my iPhone. I just crossed my fingers that there would be enough light to take a decent photo. The end result made me very happy.
I feel happier and more relaxed when I am surrounded by woods. I love beautiful things and especially when there is something enhanced by natural light. This evening the light was something special, changing quickly to different hues with the setting sun. It was a true spectacle. The lace-like branches made an extra effect that simply made me hold my breath. It was a happy moment.
Since I had taken this photo with my iPhone the colors did not come through as I had seen them on that evening. I wanted to make it resample the actual reality as much as possible so I sharpened the photo a bit, enhanced shadows and highlight slightly and added more vibrancy and voilà, the photo looked the same as the sky had been on that moment when I pushed the button.
In my camera bag
When I go just for a walk with my dog I always take my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 with me. They are for "emergencies", in case I find something beautiful or interesting and want to have a photo of it. But if I really want to go for a proper photo hunting walk, I take with me my Nikon D3200 with it's 18-55 and 55-200 VR lenses. I also carry sometimes my tri-pod and a polarization lens. Sometimes I add also a little pocket Nikon just for better macro possibilities. Photography has become little by little more serious hobby for me and along then way I have added new accessories to my arsenal. There is so much to learn!
For me taking a photo is quite often just like a "carpe diem", catching a moment when it comes unexpectedly in front of me. I do very seldom any planned photo shooting missions but like to be awaken by sudden beauty and inspired by natural events like a sunset. I am actually addicted to sunsets and find them most pleasing to watch at. A change of light, different cloud formations, shadows and angles of light can cause wonderful results. All is needed to keep the eyes open, look around, up or behind oneself. When shooting sunset photos everything can change if you turn around 180 degrees. The colors and details are different then. I often take photos to opposite directions just to catch various moods and color tones of sunsets.

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