Alba and the Dandelion

Simple image, neutral space, correct lighting.

Simple image, neutral space, correct lighting.
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cathyharper September 15, 2018
Love the lighting !!!
265Greg September 17, 2018
Epic shot
simonparry PRO+
simonparry September 23, 2018
Wonderful shot..great lighting.
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi October 03, 2018
beautiful. voted
TomasTar PRO+
TomasTar October 28, 2018
6747_2923 PRO
6747_2923 April 06, 2019
I love this! Total innocence! Beautiful
Graemeg May 08, 2019
Thank you so much.
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 Feb 23
love this!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my garage that I have hung a black cloth up in to use a backdrop. Very simple setup.
This particular photo was taken at around 6 pm at the beginning of summer so the days are starting to get nice and long and warm.
The lighting in the photo was achieved with very basic lighting, A desk lamp and that was all.
This was shot with a Canon 760D and canon nifty Fifty, 50mm F1.8. Hand held, and lighting was a desk lamp. Black cloth Backdrop.
I was wanting to capture my daughters beautiful profile in a way that she would enjoy. When I saw the Dandelion in the garden I knew straight away that I had found just the right thing to take her focus off of me. That it would result in a completely natural shot of her in profile as she was concentrating on blowing the flower.
The only post editing that was really required was very slight contrast and tonal corrections.
In my camera bag
I always have my standard 5 pieces, My Canon 760D, Canon 50mm F1.8, Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4 for those wide angles, My Tamron 70-300 to cover distance and my Flash.
When photographing children it really helps having them do something that helps take their attention off of you. This way you stand a better chance of capturing then as natural as possible.

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