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americorocha Mar 04
Beautiful photo.

Beyond the 60th Sense #2: Suzanne: Beyond the Royalty.

“I just accepted your (Facebook) friendship request because we had a friend in common, you know? Otherwise, we would never had met.” She says with a thick B...
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“I just accepted your (Facebook) friendship request because we had a friend in common, you know? Otherwise, we would never had met.” She says with a thick British accent with a sparkle of Irish blood.

“Wow, how lucky were you then, Suzanne.” I reply, teasing, and already expecting a triggered answer that doesn’t come right away.

“Yes, I was absolutely lucky to meet you, Pedro.” She replies, surprising me.

“I hope this answer has fed your ego, and it will be enough to make you shut your bloody mouth for now.” She adds, bringing back the Suzanne’s behavior I learned to love over the years.
Born in Ireland and being brought up in England, Suzanne, an actress, and model by profession can be easily described as my most award-winner subject (The Lady on the top of the hill, that you, by now, ought to have seen or heard of hundreds of times). However, Suzanne’s beauty goes way beyond the striking and challenging look and eyebrows (“shut up Pedro,” she always says when I mention the eyebrows). Her strength as a woman, and the strong personality, allied with the rightful amount of feminism, were the ingredients that moved me to start writing/photographing “Beyond.”

Suzanne arrived in this country in ---- CHECK YEAR--- After spending 15 years in an abusive relationship, “hoping and waiting for changes for better,” Suzanne finally took the courage and ended the relationship. “I remember, I left home, it was freezing that day with several layers of ice and snow, in London. I was so disoriented and walking around wearing nothing but a few layers of t-shirts. I was freezing but couldn’t take that abusive relationship any longer. I just couldn’t let my, then 10-year-old son, grow in such a poisonous environment, thinking that that scenario was the standard life,” She continues.

The story hits home. In spite of the fact that we have been friends for years, I did not know until then that dark chapter of her life. Like Suzanne, my Mother was too in an abusive relationship, with an alcoholic man, who would constantly abuse Her, my sisters and myself verbally. Further, in the relationship, the verbal insults became physical violence and on several occasions, he would hit her in front of us and eventually hitting myself too. It was a nightmare, but Mother’s fear of something worse happens and the hope that “things would get better” would prevent her from doing anything. It took years before my stepfather finally left, by his own choice. I still wonder what would have happened had he decided to stay.

“Funny how life happens, Pedro. I was so lost afterward, and three years passed my break up I met Brad. Suzanne says with a small dose of pride, romance and relief in her voice.

Brad, Suzanne’s husband for the past twenty-three years, has been the Woman’s “one” since, and, having had the pleasure of meeting the Man, it puzzles me how two creatures with such different personalities can at the same time being so perfectly fit for one another…

In times that immigrants are seeing as targets, Suzanne is also the reason I blindly believe that if this country is today the great nation it became and has the values we have, it has to do with the melting pot, and what foreigners such as this woman has brought and shared with us.

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