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A cup of sun

Morning light through a daylily

Morning light through a daylily
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Behind The Lens

This image was shot in my garden. early in the morning. I wanted to capture the glow of the center of this daylily. It's nice to mix my two hobbies, gardening and photography. .I'm self-taught and an amateur but I'm learning with every shoot.
I took this image early in the morning when I saw that glow of the center of the bloom.
I wanted to capture the early morning light. I had heard that this is the best time to capture flower images. Natural lighting is my favorite. Seldom do I use a flash.
This was shot using my Canon Rebel T3, hand held, kit lens 55m
My garden is my inspiration and when the blooms start coming I enjoy being able to capture them. I chose a different angle to capture the glow.
I do minimal post-processing. Sometimes like in this case, I'm lucky that the image came out as I wanted. I also don't have a firm grasp of post-processing software.
In my camera bag
As an amateur, I have only three lenses. 55m kit lens, macro-zoom and a 100-300. I have some open extenders to capture more macro work.
I would visit gardens if you really want to capture flowers. Bring your tripod to increase your chances of getting a clear image. The time of day is important as high noon does not help any photograph but especially flowers. Be creative, go high, go low, go from behind or choose a different angle. Work the subject until you have a variety of images to choose from.

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