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Jul, 2018

Balcon Pineta

Balcon Pineta, Pyrenees, Aragon, from my hiking trip in June
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Behind The Lens

I took this photograph in Spanish Pyrenees, in Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park in the high valley- Balcon Pineta.
It was June, early in the morning.
We slept in the tent very high. It was beautifull weather, great light, delicate fog in Pineta Valley, very cold. It was one of the last days of our hiking trip and we had to come back to France so we beginn walking down early. Snow was still frozen, no people. Sunny.
I had Canon 5D MkIII and Canon 70-200 L f4
It is very simple photograph. I sow my friend over Pineta Valley and took photograph. In few minutes he was in other place and it was impossible to take another shot.
There is almost no post-processing. I like to make most of the work in camera. The only thing I always do is RAW procesing and some tonal corrections.
In my camera bag
I walk in the wilderness many days trying to not go to civilization as long as possible so my bag is heavy (tent, sleepingbag, stove, food). My photographic equipment is heavy too- Canon 5D MkIII, two lenses Canon 17-40L f4 and Canon 70-200L f4, little tripod, some filters (usually ND1000 and IR), plenty of bateries (in the winter even 10), something to clean glass.
Some nature photographers are in the wilderness to take photographs, they are focused on equipment, trying to catch the best light, looking for better point of view... It is all right but in that situation it is easy to overlook great spontaneus moments. Catching beauty of life, trying to record spirit of my travels is one of the main reasons why I take photographs. This shot was just a good luck, but that happens only when my eyes are open wide. So my advice for everybody is to live in present time, to focus, to feel so much as you cann, and always keep your camera near

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