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No, I took this myself..however, this beautiful young lady was posing for another photographer. I love to get in on a shot. While vacationing in Florence I pass...
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No, I took this myself..however, this beautiful young lady was posing for another photographer. I love to get in on a shot. While vacationing in Florence I passed this scene where the lady's friend was taking a photo of her. Love the angle as she looks upward... the warmth of her shawl blends nicely with the wood of the huge door as the background.
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Behind The Lens

Spring 2018 I traveled through Europe with one of my favorite stops being Florence where this shot was taken. The massive architecture, the art sprinkled throughout every street and courtyard & the tourist milling about taking photos of one another. This shot is of a young lady traveler posing for her friend's shot. It is a fun thing to take a portrait of someone posing for another photographer. Sometimes I photographer and photo-e in the shot. This one, only the young lady to emphasize the architectural element that captures the essence of the ancient architecture of the city.
This shot was taken mid-day as with most travel photography. The challenge for me is the light in many instances. This one, perfect.
Travel photography has its challenge and time of day is a biggie with most shots of necessity being during the day. This one included. The urban environment in this shot filtered the light beautifully. Nice even light giving a soft natural definition to the lady and her surroundings. A soft warmth was created naturally in the model's outfit & hair color
I use exclusively a Nikon D5300 with a Tamron mid-range zoom. Traveling equipment light, whether at home or traveling is a must for me. I'm small and 'mature' (wink) so I need versatility in a small package. Rarely will I take the time to use tripod while traveling.
A photograph of a photograph. A creative way to take a shot. The young lady was already posed in front of this huge door from the Middle Ages as her friend took a series of shots. By shooting them I have eliminated the time of setting up, getting the model in the 'mood' with nice expressions. So, my travel experience can continue along. Sometimes I leave both photographer and subject in the shot; however, this time, only the model to concentrate the subject and emphasize the gorgeous door.
This took very little post-processing in Lightroom (still learning PS). My foundations' course has really paid off in my work product. I chose to stay with warm tones to match the outfit of the model, as well as, the wooden door. They worked together very well. No lighting issues to work with so no radial or graduated filters needed. I added just a little vibrancy, clarity, and highlight to add life to her complexion.
In my camera bag
Normally, I carry my Nikon D5300, Tamron mid-range zoom, !!cleaning cloth!! If weight isn't a concern I add my Nikon macro (if I think a maybe), and a lightweight small tripod. I try to keep it simple.
Try taking photos of others posing for a friend's shot. It gives you practice with portraiture and saves time setting up a shot. Neither person is paying attention to you as you work the shot from different angles/perspectives and as the model changes smiles or positions. Another advantage, they have pre-picked a nice background. In this shot, you are capturing the essence of the full scene by zeroing in on the one object, the door. give it a try!

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