The Way to the Top

This doorway lighted by a side window captures the essence of the history of the Duomo. It is the staircase that leads to the top for a rooftop view of the city...
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This doorway lighted by a side window captures the essence of the history of the Duomo. It is the staircase that leads to the top for a rooftop view of the city of Florence
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FergalBrady July 09, 2018
One of the most notable things I have ever seen. Beautiful
AdirahsEyes July 09, 2018
Oh wow! What a great compliment! I have it in B&W, also. May post it soon. Lovely light filtering in.
Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga July 12, 2018
Love the processing on this one B.
AdirahsEyes July 13, 2018
Fixing to se-submit this one.. the perspective is off.. and need to decide about the bottom. If I can remove the horizontal rail, I will (sometimes LR is a pain). That way I can keep the size.. cropping you loose so much data. Say tuned.
masuth13 September 21, 2018
I'm not sure why.... but this fascinating, mysterious entry way is calling me. What a gorgeous picture. Where is it, I really want to go!
AdirahsEyes April 23, 2019
Yes, u will want to go. It was taken in the Duomo of Florence, Italy.. A magnificent structure!!!
JayneBug PRO+
JayneBug April 22, 2019
The pastel tones are wonderful. Great image, artful. Congratulations on your award!
AdirahsEyes April 23, 2019
Thanks JayneBug!!! Always appreciate your comments. Seems perspective perfection is over come by the other attributes of the shot...we are our own hardest critic.. wink
Aeri April 23, 2019
Beautiful shot with great composition, and congratulations on your people's choice award.... :) :)
Regards Lokesh Aeri
AdirahsEyes April 23, 2019
Thanks so much Aeri for taking the time to make such a nice compliment. I did a re-do after posting because my perspective was off by a tad... however, this version was already seen and commented.. so it stands..and still loved by many. Happy shooting!!

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Behind The Lens

I traveled to Florence, Italy Spring of 2018. This shot is inside the Duomo. The staircase leads up to the rooftop where one can see magnificent views of all Florence.
Our tour was late afternoon. I loved the soft light filtering through the window, lighting the whole stairs.
It was all natural light flowing in from the stairway window.
I shot this with my Nikon D5300 & Tamron zoom 18-270mm... no flash...
You often only get one opportunity when doing travel photography. To make the shot as distraction free, perfect lighting & composition. This shot had it all!! Rich warmth revealing the depth of history.. wondering about the millions who have climbed these steps over centuries!!
I add a richness in LR and worked on perspective shift. It was off in this shot but it had been posted and received recognition on VB so I left it. I have gone back for a re-do with correct perspective.
In my camera bag
Camera, zoom, macro, cleaning cloth, extra battery & extra cards...for travel when you shoot for 16 hours in a day people and places you will most likely never see again.. except these shots..
If it is a one time.. make sure your prepared for many many shots in a day, extra battery. Work with natural light whenever you have the opportunity!

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