model: Kinga Wieteska
model: Kinga Wieteska
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Behind The Lens

We shot in older part of Warsaw, Poland - Ochota, in front of houses from 1920's as the area looks very lovely.
It was a midday, so I was trying to hide in the shadow as much as possible.
The day was very hot, light harsh, so we kept staying in the shadow, but I was using the natural light with the reflector, to get warm, subtle effect, which I think I managed to get. I also like how the light corresponds with the shot style and clothing.
I used my standard Canon 6D mixed with 50 and 85mm Canon lenses, in this picture - 50 mm.
I wanted to shoot some editorial style photos with Kinga, the model. The inspiration was the location, but also the editorials that are published in summer issues of fashion magazines. And I am very proud of the results! It even got published in Promo Magazine.
I post processed very basic - mostly playing with colours of some analog filters, I wanted to get a film effect, but a subtle one, with some grain as well.
In my camera bag
I usually carry my analog camera as well, Canon EOS 5, with some Lomography lenses like Petzval or Daguerreotype. And some polaroid. Otherwise I always have my Canon 6D with 85, 50mm and 35 mm lenses. And a spare film roll.
Try to get inspired, keep looking at editorials, poses, angles and use of location. I always try to watch as many good images before the shooting as possible, but I always also improvise, depending on the model, location or clothing.

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