A day at the beach

A day at the beach
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ChibaBob July 01, 2018
Cool shot!
PattiBaker July 01, 2018
Thank you!
DrB76 September 08, 2018
Great photo!
PattiBaker September 08, 2018
Thank you!!
wemco2 September 14, 2018
Great JOB! And a very deserving win!
PattiBaker September 14, 2018
Thank you Russell!
akashlinadas November 02, 2018
PattiBaker November 02, 2018
Thank you so much!
coyearcher PRO
coyearcher November 04, 2018
Love the composition! Very unique.
PattiBaker November 04, 2018
Thank you!
NatureCoast Ultimate
NatureCoast September 08, 2020
Thank you for joining my old shoe/boot challenge and good luck! Kathy
pamelawinter Platinum
pamelawinter July 29, 2021
Eye-catching shot! Very cool! Glad to see it win.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in front of the Zen Mission in Paia, Maui Hawaii.I frequently have gone there as it is a secluded undisturbed beach. The HONU (turtles) have been gracing our North Shores & increasing in numbers in most recent years. I quietly sit among the Honu as they beach shooting them and respecting their need for rest.One bright Saturday morning got up early and decided to change it up a bit as I brought Props, my converse shoes!
I took this photo in the morning around 730am with the sun rising in the east and very bright to the eyes. This beach, the secluded beach in other photos on have on the gallery, also has many driftwood pieces and trees fallen.
The light that day, like most days during this time was bright as the sun was rising fast from the east and had to get shots in the shade quickly if I was to capture what I wanted.
This was taken with a Sony A 7RII, no flash, as only natural light was needed. Handheld. Patience because I waited for those shoes to stop swinging in the wind.I wanted the label to show in the shot. Not a technical shot at all, just a creative one.
I love the beach & Honu here! Secluded and do not need to worry about other subjects jumping in the shot at the last moment, turtles are an exception. I found this spot a little over a year ago, when I saw Honu's beaching. A secluded beach that sits in front of the Zen Mission and graveyard protected from traffic and onlookers by a short cliff. I have seen many CONVERSE shoe ads but I have not seen any on the beach so I thought, “Well then, I will create my own ad, what I would like to see” I feel serene, peaceful here and can think of creative ideas with the surf, trees, driftwood, rocks and turtles all sharing a very small beach.
I did very little post processing only enhancing what is already there pulling out the detail & color and did want the “Allstar” label to show in the shot. I use Photoshop, Corel Lightroom& Topaz Labs Plug ins
In my camera bag
I primarily use the Sony A 7RII with a SEL 18-200mm F 3.5-6.3 lens. I also carry a backup , the Canon Rebel 5 but rarely use it anymore. Although the Canon is not my favorite, one never knows when I will need those lenses or the camera. It is always wise to carry MORE. In my backpack extras of everything including car chargers, plenty of batteries and memory cards as I shoot in RAW format.I carry also the tripod and monopod with me and an umbrella, flashlight,and will be adding Macro tubes soon.Always learning and so my equipment grows with it. I don't forget the business cards and ipad. I try to be prepared for any shot that captures my attention at any given time.
Patience! Almost always as many photographers know, being in the right place, right time, right light and always having the camera in hand is essential. With the I love of taking surf shots and have taken hundreds, as there is no one surf spot, shore break or water crashing against the rocks that will ever be the same, it is easy to be creative! Practice, know your camera, and more practice to get to know your camera!! Get creative, get low, get high, shot in the dark, shade and sun, shot everything and then go with what feels right for YOU. Unfortunately NIKE does not accept outside photo submissions for ads any longer! Mahalo for all your support in choosing my photo!

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