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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a local festival in Jerusalem. (Beer festival). I went just after work to the concert, and because I didn’t planned to take shots of the bands playing, I didn;t brought my tele lenses. Any way at that day I stood on the first row and took this shot of the bass player of a known Hip hop band.
I took the photo in the night in a not that great lit stage.
The lighting on the stage was different from all their usual more complex lighting from their regular shows. The stage was small so they used minimal lighting gear.
If i remember it right, it was shot with a Nikon D7100 that i took with me from time to time. I believe i used a standard zoom lens as sigma 17-50 2.8. but can't recall exactly
The funny story behind it, in the same day i talk with a mate that i'm going to this specific festival and told him who will perform. One of the things he mentioned to me is that i should take photos of their bass player that he adore (also a self singer). so eventually during the concert i took more photos of the bass player and even stood closer to him. After i published this photo - this player used this photo as his facebook profile image for few years.
At first i convert this photo to black and white. somehow the whole scene was too colorful for me. i played with black and white tones in curves to push more character and contrast to the image.
In my camera bag
Now days i use for more than 5 years a Nikon D750, Nikon 24-70 2.8g, Tamron 70-200 sp vc, and sigma art 85 1.4. i always keeping 3 batteries, multiple 128GB and 64GB extreme pro cards, sd card reader, battery charger, mobile charger and a powerbank, an x-rite colorpassport and other things depends where i'm going.
Well, my advice based on what related to this shot. I heard about the concert a week before. But because I am more a metal and rock listener and I am not a drinker- I did not got hyped about going to a Beer festival to hear hip hop. But eventually some friend told me to forget about the music and to forget about the concept of the festival and just go and take shots of people having fun or even the concert itself and come back with new photos. So eventually i went to this occasion with the mind that what I can do there to enjoy, is to take photos. Eventually I started after this concert to go to other concerts just for the sake of taking new photos of the bands. Just for fun. So my advice for you, is if you want to take new photos, you will have to go out of your house and take new photos. The photos will not be shoot by themselves. Every occasion is a new chance for taking new photos. The more you will go to these events or or occasions or family gathering, the more great photos you will have.

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