angelesperisse August 10, 2018
Amo esta foto!
chrisbelesis August 18, 2018
Great shot!

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Jun, 2018

Dance in the desert

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Behind The Lens

Take this photo during a warm autumn sunset in the middle of the desert, returning from a family trip
It was sunset, the sun almost touch the montains of Cordillera de los Andes.
I use natural light, as I do with all my photos. the atmosphere was tinged with the most beautiful golden light
I use my Nikon D 750 eith a sigma art 35 mm lens
My children were tired from the trip, so we stopped on the route. We decided to explore the desert a bit and, as the light was wonderful, I decided to take my camera with me. My daughter Isabella started dancing in the sunset light and she looked so beautiful that I had to portray her
I Process all my photos with adobe camera raw and photoshop. Mostly I turned on high lights to highlight the sun of the sunset and with curves I illuminated my subject.
In my camera bag
In my camer bag I usually have my memory cards and my 3 lenses of choice my 135mm, the 35 sigma art and my good 85mm that never fails. My camera of choice is a nikon D 750. All my images are taken with this equipment.
I think that a good advice for children's photography is to encourage children to be themselves, to connect with the environment or the activity proposed by the photographer, to guide them subtly to where we need to take the photo. A good lighting, I always work with natural light and I try to make my atmospheres magical thanks to the light and I often tell them stories, the children have a great imagination, if you let them they will do all the magic for you, you only have that capture the moment

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