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Broken Promises I

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Photo: Kayleigh Kay of Firty Boudoir-Doozy
Model: Stefanie Jo
HMUA: Holly Pistas
For Philocaly Mag

Photo: Kayleigh Kay of Firty Boudoir-Doozy
Model: Stefanie Jo
HMUA: Holly Pistas
For Philocaly Mag
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AdirahsEyes July 28, 2018
Beautiful boudoir shot.. lighting is amazing
Beardog2003 Premium
Beardog2003 February 16, 2019
very sexy women
boboakley PRO+
boboakley August 06, 2022
Very nice!!!! Well done!!!
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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken at my first boudoir studio. It was a corner loft in the city of Chicago with exposed bricks and hardwood floors.


Because I work with mostly natural light, we started this photoshoot around 11am CST.


Because of being a corner loft, I was able to enjoy both warm direct sunlight as well as a soft diffused light. This specific photo was on the side of my studio with soft light. The window created a perfect rim of light for a moody and sultry image!


At the time, I was using my Nikon D800 and 24-70mm lens. That lens was always my favorite for fashion, so I was exploring using it for boudoir.


I have always had a love for boudoir, but never really had a private space for such intimate images. This was the first studio of mine that really allowed me to explore boudoir. This specific image was one of my first sessions, I wanted to show off the model’s tattoos and edginess while also learning the best poses and lighting for my subjects.


I always do light skin retouching/smoothing, though on this image not much work was needed. I enhanced the shadows and highlights on her skin with dodging and burning and did some creative coloring to the image as well.

In my camera bag

What I carried in my bag at the time of that photoshoot compared to now is very different! Now I always have my Nikon D850, 35mm, 50mm, and 105mm lenses for boudoir sessions. I find the 35mm is perfect for small spaces and the 105mm gives me the chance to capture all of the delicate details. Of course you always have to have extra batteries and memory cards too!


Watch how the light hits the curves of your client... she how the highlights and shadows fall along their chests, curves, collar bones, etc. These images aren’t just about being moody without purpose, you want the highlights to bring your viewers eyes to certain points. Expose for those highlights! You don’t want to completely blow out your whites as they’re harder to pull information from when editing.

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