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DNproSTUDIO Feb 05
this photo is awesome
LCdutch May 08
Great shot... Excellent composition, lighting, tone, and color! LC "Dutch" Metzelaar


Prints for sale at tallemmensphoto.com
Prints for sale at tallemmensphoto.com
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the east coast of Australia at a crazy reef break. The ocean literally emerges like a creature from the depths and distorts itself into weird and wonderful art forms.
I was on a photography/surf trip, so I was sleeping in the back of my car.i remember waking to my alarm in the pitch black. I knew by checkjng the surf forecast this particular spot was going to be worthy of a look. Arriving at first light... 5:30am I could vaguely hear the explosions of the sea.
I have a particular fascination about lighting and it’s impact on waves. The east coast of Australia is extremely lucky to experience such amazing lighting. Waves emerge from the depths and as the early morning sun emerges from the horizon, light pierces the back of the wave shining through. This creates beautiful emerald greens and crystal textures.
This particular shot I used a 400mm lens and a Canon 7D. I snapped a few shots on land before jumping off the rocks into the angry sea to swim with my camera in a waterproof housing.
The sea is my lifeblood. I have spent my whole life around the ocean. I am passionate about showing people textures and parts of the sea that are over looked by others.
A slight edit in photoshop helps bring out the colours and moods. I am not a big fan of over processing images. I think they best speak to people when they are natural and relatable. Photography for me is about capturing a rare moment, not creating an image and enhancing colours to the point of loosing the originalality of the image.
In my camera bag
I shoot with the following; -Canon 7D -Canon 5D mkiv -Canon 50mm -Canon 70-200 f.2.8 -Canon 400mm f.4 -Tokina 10-17mm fisheye. -AquaTech Image Solutions Water Housing.
My best advice to others is to crest something others don’t usually see... a unique perspective. The ocean surrounds a lot of photographers and I encourage people to challenge their ‘photography eye’ and look for textures, tight angles and moods fhat will draw people in. And remembering that particular with ocean photography it is a largely saturated field with many photographers. You need to do something different, stand out. Look for perspectives others have overlooked and also remembering it’s okay to make mistakes. Best of luck and thanks for the opportunity, Kind regards, Tal Lemmens tallemmensphoto.com Instagram; @tallemmens Facebook; Tal Lemmens Photo

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