sweetpea72 Jun 12
Hella amazing shot..Congrats!! シ
Mac177 Jun 12
Thank you very much, sweet P72. Glad you like it.
TomasTar Jun 15

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May, 2018


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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in the woodland of the Nature Reserve of Morro Alto, in the highlands of Flores island, Azores.
It was on May 29 2018, at 4pm
It was a rainy and foggy day and I set out to make use only of the ambient natural light, which was even more filtered by the many trees. Although using a fish-eye lens I had to use an exposure time of 1.3 sec
I used my second and smaller cam, the Canon Eos 550D, which I particulary like to use in combination with the Samyang 8mm 1:3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS ii, which is only for shooting with this kind of cropped sensor cam. As I didn’t bring my tripod with me (left it in the car due to low expectations, bad weather and difficult terrain), I used a tree stump for stability. Because of the rain I used a special rain cover for the cam
Earlier that day and on my way home from shopping I noticed the beautiful setting of these fir trees in the fog and so I decided to return later on,but this time with everything at hand. Yet the view from the road I got earlier wasn’t that appealing anymore and so I penetrated deeper onto this woodland, to get a more all-embracing feel, until I saw these fallen trees, which would make for a better composition too.
I did some minor post-processing, tweeking sharpness and contrast, as well some correction of the lens distortion. I also cropped the image just that extra bit in order to get the diagonal lines coming right out of the right hand bottom corner as I intended (the viewfinder on this cam doesn’t give me the full 100% experience so I’m always left with some surprise afterwards).
In my camera bag
Normally I shoot with my Canon Eos 6D mark ii, a full frame all-round camera, with the smaller Canon Eos 550D as backup, but also for shooting with the fish-eye lens I keep mounted on it. On the 6D I have the Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 USD lens which I like particulary for its sharpness. In addition I always bring the Canon Zoom Lens EF 24-105mm f1:4 L IS USM with me: great quality all-rounder. Living on Flores island with an average humidity of 85% I also rely on special designed rain protection for my camera. In my weather proved backpack I also carry an array of Gobe filters (uv, nd, cpl) and a Pixel WirelessTimer Remote Control, some spare batteries and a cleaning set. N addition to this bag I bring a tripod.
Don’t be put off by bad weather since it can give you great alternative lighting and ambiance. And even if you haven’t all your gear with you, there’s always an alternative solution at hand as well. Look around you, even if you go shopping: there are always opportunities everywhere around you, even on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic.

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