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speterson6 July 01, 2018
Amazing capture of a truly majestic animal.
WolfEyesPhotography July 04, 2018
Incredible capture of dusting! Well done!
Annie_McFar July 08, 2018
Great shot and congratulations
MikeBoyle July 08, 2018
Congratulations on your amazing photo. Nice...very nice
vijaykummar July 09, 2018
Beautiful Momentic photo clicked , nice catch
Julia_137 July 30, 2018
Great picture ! Come and check out a few of mine sometime ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„






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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in South Africa in the Waterberg reserve
It was early morning. We were looking for lions when suddenly an elephant herd arrived on our right. They were very close to our truck. As the truck was open, we could almost touch them, but the African elephants are wild and dangerous so we had to restart quite quickly because they seemed a bit nervous
The light was bright and warm and I had to use the post-treatment to get less exposed color, and to avoid areas that seemed a bit burnt
Can not use a tripod, the truck moves continuously and we must also move according to the positioning of animals, I had with me a 5D Mark IV gun and a 70/200 lens . F4 1/1000s iso 250 but I could use 100 , 89mm
It is an exceptional moment between nature and the human, but where the human must be discreet because it is not on its territory. It is an esceptionnal beauty and an incredible chance to meet these kings of nature again. We feel small and fragile .I loved frozen this moment where the intestinal animal uses its environment to protect itself. He throws earth to protect himself from the sun and parasite. A graceful and useful gesture
A lot of pot treatment on this image with lightroom. The exhibition was too important, but we can not choose his moment when we go on a photo safari, it's the animal that decides, not the photographer. Work on light and texture
In my camera bag
In principle I do not charge too much and use a 24/105 lens that is wide enough to cover a large trigger area, but during a safari you never know if the animals will be near or far, so here 2 goal, the 24/105 and the 70/200 with in addition a doubler of focal. Obviously a sufficient number of batteries and memory cards. A backpack is more convenient to carry everything
No specific advice except thinking of hanging fast speed as the animals are constantly moving and often and also the vehicles , so high speed to keep a clear picture.With the light in these areas, it will not be a problem for the iso.

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