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Sepia Morning

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Sunrise on an early Spring morning in Connecticut.

Sunrise on an early Spring morning in Connecticut.
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Thank you AndrewatWolfe. :)
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Behind The Lens


This picture was taken in North Western Connecticut.


I took this image not long after sunrise. I was enjoying the fresh spring air while trying to set up for a specific picture I had in mind. I was paying attention to that process, focusing on my camera settings (my idea involved a close up shot of the rocks just below the surface of the water), when I happened to look up and realize what I was missing right in front of me.


Just a few minutes before I took this shot, the sky was cloudless and I was thinking that we were in for a sunny day. While setting up for another picture, the clouds quickly changed there minds and moved in on my. The quick change in light turned into a wonderfully "moody" setting that called to me.


I was on a tripod with my old and trusty Rebel Xti. I loved that camera. Sharp images and tough as nails. I carried it for years in my kayak, and it never let me down.


It was kind of serendipitous. I was focused on another idea, a close up image of the rocks below the water right in front of me and I happened to look up. I was amazed at how fast the clouds had rolled in and changed the whole feeling of the landscape. One cannot always capture the "peaceful quietness" of early morning. I think this one does.


I did push the sepia color in post processing. Some images seem to lend themselves to this idea better then others. There has been little of no human interaction to what you see in the picture. How long has this little bay of a lake been there? untouched by mans hands? The sepia helps to show the "age of the moment" kinda feeling.

In my camera bag

This was shot with my old Canon Rebel XTi, but I now carry a Canon 6D. I am very fond of its ability to capture low light situations. My go to lens is a canon 24-70 L Lens. It weights about as much as a house, but it makes up for it with crisp sharp images. I use a simple 50mm 1.8 "nifty fifty" for portraits and the like. My newest addition is a Tamron 150-600mm G2. It has some great reach, but it is so new, I cannot give much of review of it. So far it has not let me down, I will say that much.


Yes. If you are out taking nature shots, always, always pay attention to what is going on around you. Don't fixate on one thing. Take you time, walk slowly. I usually find the pictures come to you when I am just taking in the natural surroundings.

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