Fergal123 May 02
Super just wow
marcocaduff May 02
thanks again
bobbytaylor71 May 02
Congrats on Winning Staff Favorite, well done..
marcocaduff May 02
thanks a lot - very appriciated and happy about
brianmerry May 02
So cool. Great photo. Where is it?
marcocaduff May 02
hi brian - it's on the coast of norther spain - near bilbao
erwinrll May 03
Herrliches Bild, super gemacht!
marcocaduff May 03
herzlichen dank erwinrll - freut mich
Anagris May 03
marcocaduff May 03
Great photo
marcocaduff May 06
thank you manuel
rogerbell Jun 12
marcocaduff Jun 12
thanks a lot
These are the shots that you live for...fantastic and so beautiful :-)
marcocaduff Jun 12
thanks soo much - true and to be honest weather was so bad that i didn't even wanted to go there :)
Alfredo_Jose Jun 12
Excellent shot!
marcocaduff Jun 12
happy you like it - thanks a lot
Lovely bit of work, superb
marcocaduff Jun 18
thanks so much Pete

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May, 2018

The Path

As I was told afterwards - this is a setting of the unique Game Of Thrones series. We had a lot of rain that day and almost resisted to walk down the 2.5km down the hill. But as always - if you believe enough :) there will be sun.
Photo is a Pano with 3 exposures - stacked and edited in LR and PS.
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Won Contest Finalist in Composition And Leading Lines Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won Staff FavoriteMay, 2018

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe an islet in the Bay of Biscaya. About 45min northeast of Bilbao/Spain.
The second last day in Spain. It was pouring rain all day. We arrived around 2am at the parking lot which is away an approx. 45min walk from this spot. We decided not to walk down and wait for the sunset - so we spent the whole afternoon in a great restaurant nearby and had some fantastic fish and tasty red wine. Our mood didn't got any better as the rain did not stop at all and it was close to 6pm. Nevertheless we drove back to the parking lot and waited for 30min. I already wanted to go back but in the end we decided to give it a try. While walking down to the bridge the rain slowly begun to stop. We setup our gear and were shooting like there is no tomorrow - after 20min. the rain started again. But I was lucky and got this picture just at sunset.
The lighting was not as hoped for a spececular sunset but in the end I was happy that i catched a window of 20min without rain - and clearing sky on the horizon for just a moment.
I used my 4 y/o Olympus OM-D E-M1 and my 7-14mm 2.8 Olympus Pro Lens on my Cullman tripod.
While researching on several photosites I saw this small island connected with this man made bridge and the hermitage on top. I knew that I want to use this bridge as a leading line and actually I visualized a shoot in the night with someone wallking on the bridge towards the building on top. Due to the severe weather not much chance to stuck to this plan.
A 4 frame panorama at 14mm each frame. I made exposure bracketing shots and combined all in Lightroom. After appliying some gradinent filters and some dodge and burning in Photoshop the Picture was uploaded to Viewbug.
In my camera bag
I try to travel as light as possible - so beside my Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the 7-14mm lens. I carry a 12-40mm 2.8 Olypmus pro lens. Some ND Filters and a polarizer with me. That's it.
Be prepared for rain and always stay 15min longer than you wanted to. Maybe the best shot always comes a bit later.

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