Alinna Jan 10
Nice work. I am not sold on composite photos either. To me, as opposed to painting, photography is about representing the moment. Thanks for disclosing this is a composite, showing your vision how the place “could’ve been” as oppose to what the place actually was while you had your lens opened. All that said, I understand what people think of as their creative art, mainly their ability with composition and post-process. To me the key is full disclosure, so other people know what they are buying and/or what they are competing against. I collect minerals, I like to know if my rock is naturally formed or color enhenced or polished. :) Cheers!
RuwanFonseka Jan 10
Nevertheless a well crafted image.
candivucelich Jan 12
sooo Gorgeous!
Nice work!
juliannaszula Mar 09
Congratulation to your winnings. Amazing photo and work.

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Apr, 2018

Kirkjufell Dreaming

On our visit to Iceland, our second stop was Kirkjufell, an impressive mountain on the coast of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. We had pretty miserable weather, with lots of cloud cover. I decided I wanted to see what the scene would really look like if we were lucky enough to get the Aurora while there. I composited an aurora I got to see a couple days later in Iceland into this scene, shot before sunrise. While I think this makes for a great image, I am still not sold on the use of composites in photography; however, I wanted to show the world just how wonderful this place can be.

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