Cara_McKenna_Photography April 28, 2018
Hail, ash, ash, birch
johanfrc June 08, 2018
Thank you so much! First time as a finalist and happy to finally get this far in a contest!
aaronbohmer July 29, 2018
Wow, so beautiful

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Apr, 2018


Tattooed in runes, the positive message "Haab" is written. Haab means "hope".

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Behind The Lens

The photos is taken at my home, in a quite small room with just room for a flowing sofa bed and a few bookcases and very little walking space around the sofa bed. But there was room enough for a single strobe and a tripod for the light. I've used that room a few times as a studio. Afterwards it has first been turned into a living room and now it's a guest room.
It's taken in the early evening in July 2015, when we where working with a new beauty dish I had bought shortly before. We were trying to get some implied nude shots, but it didn't worked as we hoped. My friend was lying on a flowing sofa bed and turned around to lay on her stomach. I was able to move around the sofa bed so I could get photos of her back towards the head. Then I took the photo, focusing on her rune tattoo on her shoulder.
It was one of my first attempts working with my beauty dish. So it was a bit of try out how make it work in my way. But the light was very beautiful and we both enjoyed the light from the beauty dish.
I used a Canon 7D with a Canon 50 mm F1/4. I used a Oubao DK400 with a 70 cm beauty dish attached. The photo is handheld.
The photoshoot was planned, but only the time and location. We did have a few ideas which we worked with, but this photo was not a part of those ideas. We often just worked our way though the shoot, and came up with idea along the way.
Besides adding the small logo at the lower right corner, which was the logo I used back then, I didn't made any changes to the picture. No changes to contrast, brightness, saturation etc.
In my camera bag
I now usually have my Canon 5D III and a few lenses. my favorite is the Canon 50 mm F/1.4, but I also use Canon 70-200 mm F/4L, Canon 40mm STM F/2.8 and a Canon 17-40 mm F/4 L. But it depends a lot of what I'm planning to shoot. Usually I bring all my equipment, but if I know I won't be using my 40 mm I won't bring it.
Sometimes even the most planned shoot turns into something different. And in this case it did. I wasn't expecting this photos when I started the shoot, but the way the shoot went I had to take some opportunities to get something that wasn't planned. But that's also how we usually worked. We had a rough idea about what to do, but not specific photos we wanted. We simply took it as it went by, and came up with different ideas during the shoot. And often one light is all you need to get a great photo. In this case a beauty dish and nothing else.

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