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The Chainsmokers show at Belfast

The Chainsmokers show at Belfast
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harmeetsingh May 14
RoguePhotoGuy PRO+
RoguePhotoGuy May 14
I love it when the model is having fun! Beautiful.

Behind The Lens

I took this shot on the balcony of a rent-to-own apartment for one night booking. Not a hotel, apartment. On the night of an amazing show by The Chainsmokers (which ofcourse we went to see).
This was taken right before the drinks came flowing. Forgive me but it was a great night, no detail shall be left out. I said "let's make some memories" I grabbed my not so handy-dandy full manual 35mm Samyang and we made our way to the balcony where there was only 1 out of 100 photos taken that got posted.
The day was cloudy, perfectly diffusing the light on my models face. It made for an easy clean-up on the post process.
This was shot on the Nikon D5700 using a Samyang 35mm f1.4 lens. No other equipment was used.
I love a city, now in 2020 remembering the not so distant society makes me feel even more nostalgic. This was honestly a shot of pure "Carpe Diam". We were having a great night and even more great photos came from it. May the human species thrive in the coming centuries.
This was a RAW file photo, I firstly corrected the exposure by adding contrast. As I've heard before "keep the blacks black, and the whites white" when adjusting contrast, so I added shadows and brought out the highlight, for some personalised touch I crushed the whites to give it a paper look.
In my camera bag
I never go too crazy, you always need mobility and speed. Unless I plan on not moving for 12 hours, all I carry is my trusty Nikon D5700 and my now stock 18-55mm stock lens.
A portrait is a piece for the family. A GOOD portrait is a piece for history. Never doubt your own skill and most definitely never doubt your gut feeling. A photographer is a person who lives, but his photos live on, make sure you put a piece of yourself into the puzzle for which without you, could never be finished.

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