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Image from the inside Fort of Flémalle, around Liège, Belgium

Image from the inside Fort of Flémalle, around Liège, Belgium
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keepclicking November 06, 2018
Great work
marizzza November 09, 2018
superb vision and light!!!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the Flémalle Fort, near Liège, Belgium. They sometimes allow groups to visit with a guide. This is an underground fort build in 1884 and modified until World War 2.
It's a tunnel, in an underground fort ;) ... I'm not sure time is relevant but early afternoon
The place has a really heavy, claustrophobic atmosphere, the sporadic lights in the the pitch black, I just wanted to keep that. We didn't add any light source
My Nikon 5200, as usual, Tamron 18-200 as lens place on a monopod and leaning on the wall. As much for the view angle as for stability.
The story of those forts, build for World War 1 but still used during World War 2 even if the construction was not adapted anymore. The contant bombarding , the lack of food... The only thing you keep in mind is the horror, they probably feel to be more of a prisoner than a fighter. That tunnel that seems to lead nowhere, the repetition of light... It resonated somehow
As usual, Lightroom. Correction of the distorsions, deepened the blacks and pushing the vibrance
In my camera bag
The bag is the backpack from PeakDesign, the 20 liters model. Enough to carry the D5200 and three lenses plus a tripod. The rest of the space is used for my dayjob
When visiting historical places, it's important to seek that history, try to connect. It's easier to make a good photo.

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