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Nice flurry of bright starburst shells at the 2016 Skyshow

Nice flurry of bright starburst shells at the 2016 Skyshow
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chrismercerimages Premium
chrismercerimages April 22, 2018
Awesome fireworks action shot.

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on the foreshore of The Strand, in Townsville, QLD, Australia. It was taken during the 2016 Skyshow. I was standing up on the beach with people milling about me. Most were sitting down on the beach, but there were others walking around. However, I found that holding the camera above my head gave me a better vantage point to take the pics from than just holding it at eye level.
It was taken on the 15th October (Saturday) 2016, at 7:14pm.
I used as wide an aperture as I could to get as much light as I could. I set the camera to its "fireworks" setting and snapped away!!!
Nikon Coolpix S7000, 4.5mm, ISO1100, f/3.5, 1/15sec. No flash.
I thought it would be good to capture the action during the Skyshow, especially the fireworks. And, that's what I set out to do. It was the best fireworks display that I have had the chance to take pics of, so I wasn't going to waste the opportunity. And, I managed to catch quite a few good pics of the display.
Just a little bit of extra saturation and sharpness and straightened the pic out a tiny bit. I try to get the pics I take as close to being right, in camera. Unless it really needs it, or it's an astropic, I normally don't do too much post processing. Astropics require some post processing, more so than other photography, because of the nature of the subject. However, I try and keep it to what's necessary to get the pic and don't embellish the pic too much.
In my camera bag
Depends on what type of shoot I'm going to do. But, a typical contents inventory would look like, either my Pentax K-s1 or Nikon D3000 (or both), various lenses (including 100-300mm and 55-200mm telephoto, 18-55mm, 50mm, 24-90mm, sometimes the big 800mm telephoto), cleaning kit, various filters (solid ND and Grad ND filters, closeup filters for macro work, CPL, UV, fluorescent light filters, specialised light pollution filters for astrophotography, etc)
There is plenty of information on YouTube and Google about how to do night time and fireworks photography, use it. However, what I would say is to enjoy what you're doing and don't think of it as a chore. Don't sweat the shots, either. If they don't come out as good as you thought they might, well, that's just what happens. But, when you do get those great shots, be happy that everything came together at the time. You'll cherish those moments. One piece of advice I would suggest is get a remote shutter trigger and use a tripod. There are many on the market and they come with all different capabilities and price points. Get the one that suits you, and your pockets, the best. They'll help enormously in getting those classic fireworks pics. And, lightning events during storms as well. You can do it by hand, using your camera's settings, but you'll get better results if you have the equipment to do the job. Also, shoot wide. Don't try and zoom in using a zoom lens or telephoto, as you never know where the fireworks will go off. The wider the lens, the better. Though, I would suggest anything in the 15-35mm range will suffice. You'll capture more of the scene and frame it nicely when the fireworks go off. And, once again, have fun.

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