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Pfeiffer Beach - Sunset

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Behind The Lens


This photograph was taken in Pfeiffer Beach in California. It falls along the scenic highway known as CA1 which drives along the coastline. I am a self taught photographer and I have been learning and capturing pictures for 11 years now and I can tell you everyday you learn something new and make you feel like you are starting all over again. So my only suggestion: Always stay humble. The day you feel you are good at something, your learning curve and the thirst for learning new things will stop!


This photograph was shot at sunset time. I remember driving to Pfeiffer beach since I did know that the sun sets into the water horizon here. But the beauty of the day was what took my breath away. As the sun was setting the clouds started turning fiery red and there was a beam of light shooting straight up from the sun. you can see it in the cloud parts right above the sun. It was just a stunning time.


Well as you see from the photograph, this was intended to be a sunset silhouette, where the rock formation with the waves were to be subtly darker than that of the sky and the sunset. You have to remember the balance of light as to what you want to create. In this case the hero is the sunset and the fiery red clouds, but remember no hero is really complete without the awesome sidekicks which is where the waves and the rocks take center stage.


My Equipment list for this photograph is as follows: Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Lens - Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens Tripod - Yes. - Neewer - Carbon Fiber.


What inspired me on this day to take the photograph was the sheer beauty and brilliance that unfolded in front of my eyes. Yes, I was there with an intention of shooting the setting sun into the water horizon. But little did I know I was going to be treated with such a brilliant spectacle of a fiery sky and a beautiful setting sun shooting a beam of light into the sky. How can one not be inspired by so much beautiful stuff all around us?


Yes... I always capture my pictures in RAW and with definitely the intention of capturing much more details so I can bring out the details in the photograph through Post-Processing. I always start my post-processing workflow in Lightroom: to list a few: Lens correction, Horizon Straightening, Composition Correction, Basic adjustments, Tone Curve correction, HSL. correction etc. Then I transfer the photo with the Lightroom settings to Photoshop for further refining using Layers and masks. Finally to finish off I use some plugins to do some final adjustments (Topaz and Rayapro) like final exposure correction, Sharpening etc.

In my camera bag

Currently this is the equipment I carry: Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Lens: 1.) Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens 2.) Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM 3.) Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS II USM Tripod: Neewer - Carbon Fiber. B+W circular Polarizers and maybe some small gear depending on what I intend to shoot.


Well all I can say is: Nature works in unexpected ways. You may go in with an intention of capturing certain photographs which may or may not happen depending on how the day works out. Be patient! Don't be harsh on yourself that you could not capture what you intended that given day, you just got to keep trying. Also Be Ready! You never know when things around you start showing their beauty, always remember some moments last for less than a second. So always be at it. At the end of it all. Enjoy yourselves, shoot to your hearts content and share your beauty with the world and spread the peace and happiness all around us.

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