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Apr, 2018


A battle within. Good vs Evil.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in West Palm Beach, FL at the beach. I wanted to challenge myself with capturing dancing in a unique form of abstraction and grace. The beauty of the girls in the chaos of the piece is what I wanted to capture, portraying a sense of good vs evil in our souls that there is beauty in it all.
This was taken at Golden Hour. We arrived around 5:30 pm. and applied the paint on one model at a time. This was a great time to play with shadows and light in certain shots of the girls to be able to create more mystery or beautiful portraits. We ended the photo shoot around 7:30 pm.
Play with the light! The light can be your friend just play with angles and settings on your camera. Practice makes perfect and before I got my Sony X7, I was originally using a point and shoot, so natural lighting has always been something I worked with. The lighting can be used to create peaceful, warm images and also mysterious and powerful messages.
I use the Sony X 7, the lens 35mm with manual focus. I did not use a flash or other gear to take the image.
I wanted to do an abstract shoot, and I knew I wanted dancers since they can do so much with flexibility and posing. Not only being a photography but a studio artist I wanted to combine both elements to create images that stood apart from other various dancers. My inspiration was the concept of portraying good and evil. I always picture a part of us in constant battle, wanting to choose what is right but also desire the wrong things in life, which is normal. We are imperfect people, yet beautiful and loved by a gracious God.
Yes, I use Lightroom and Photoshop. For these images, I wanted to focus on low saturated and low vibrant colors. I wanted to create depth with shadows and sharpness, and even grain for the black and white images. For this image specifically, I wanted to emphasize the light and dark contrast in the piece. There is a hope of light in us, but unfortunately, we choose to either reject it or we don't see it when we need it most.
In my camera bag
Normally, I carry in my bag an 85mm manual, 35mm manual, and a 32 mm automatic lens. I also carry a triangle prism, sun catcher prism, confetti (just in case).
As I was trying to capture these girls in action (reminder: with a manual lens) it was getting a sense of where they would be after a couple shots. I would quickly adjust as the girls were in action, asking them to try the dance once more until I knew I had exactly what I needed and got the shot desired. As mentioned before, play with lighting. I would recommend various angles to have not only different perspectives of the model but also different angles for lighting can enhance your image and make it even better. Playing with the shutter speed is another factor. When you do action shots like these, it is important to have an idea of what you're wanting so that you can capture it fast. Work smart. But also challenge yourself and be ok with mistakes, because the more you make the more shots like these you will capture.

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