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Caz6969 April 06, 2018
CURUTCHET May 11, 2018
beautiful photo
Egoryan May 11, 2018
what a delicate flower
glizellazarra May 11, 2018
Flow i love
demetrio63 November 12, 2018

Spring 2018





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Behind The Lens

This image was taken at the annual flower show 2018 in Hong Kong. It is a long waited events for flower lovers , like me, as there are just too few botanical gardens in Hong Kong. It was a perfect day for taking images, not too brignt but just right for outdoor captures.
I arrived at the show just shortly after lunch, and the cosmos flower bed was the first view that captured my attention. It was spectacular! Cosmos are not native here, but it is really one of my favourites.
I always shoot outdoors, usually early in the mornings or late afternoons when the light is perfect and not too harsh on my subjects. I have a ring light but I don’t usually use it, still prefer natural lightings. I like to go very close to my subjects, move around them and try different angles of shooting. My patience often pays off.
Body : Canon 6D. Lens: EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. No flash. I don’t use tripod, often hand held.
I have seen many beautiful images of Cosmos at VB and I just fell in love with them. It is always one of my goals to capture their beauty. It was wonderful to be able to do that! It takes effort to spot the “right” subjects and angle to shoot when there are many to choose from. When i shot, I felt like I was in a space where there was no sound, no people....even though it was actually very crowded in the show. You have to feel the flowers in order to capture their beauty.
Photoshop, slight adjustment in contrast and saturation. I always go for minimum post-processing if possible for my images.
In my camera bag
Body : Canon 6D, Lens: EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM, spare SD cards and battery, rarely the ring light.
Get familiar with your camera and your lens. Try to feel when you shoot. Enjoy the process of making the images!

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