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Behind The Lens

I took this photo is my sisters brand new condo. She and I had just finished installing the chandelier (which was only one of many), each of those little crystals was placed by our hands and we were rather proud of ourselves. She turned on the light and I was immediately inspired to snap the shot of our handiwork.
It was a rather cloudy afternoon when we took this photo so turning on the light (once we had it ready to go) transformed the room and our moods entirely.
I loved the subtle shadows against the ceiling opposing the anything but subtle bright lights reflecting off the crystals of the chandelier. I an a fan of contrast.
My only camera is on my cellphone so that was my equipment. I will say that cellphone cameras have come a long way over the years and I specifically bought this particular cellphone because it had such a good camera.
I am always on the lookout for things that feel photo-worthy to me. I thought the chandelier was pretty enough but it was the light and shadow that drew me in particular to this photograph. As well as just preserving our accomplishment.
I cropped the photo a tiny bit just to make sure the chandelier was more centered, otherwise, it is as I took the shot.
In my camera bag
Again, as I only have a cellphone to use, my camera bag is actually my back pocket. The only thing ever in that pocket is my cellphone ;)
I stopped questioning my instincts regarding subject matter a long time ago. I take whatever photos speak to me. If I don't like the results, I delete without remorse. I do try to pause just a moment before hitting that button though. I always hold my breath to steady the shot and take a second to consider the background. Generally I try to never have a subject dead center, but this time, it just felt right. I guess my best advice is to listen to other people's suggestions for improving your skills but listen to your own artistic voice too

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