RamyDelariarte May 23, 2018
Stunning capture
racheldulson May 23, 2018
Thank you very much!!
MikeBoyle June 26, 2018
Congratulations on your amazing photo. Nice...very nice
racheldulson June 27, 2018
Thank you so much Mike :)

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Apr, 2018

Elle II

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Behind The Lens

I was invited by my lecturer (just finished a diploma in photography) to assist on a shoot of a short video at The Carriageworks, Sydney. I was there to assist the videographer's assistant and in the times when I could I took some stills.
The filming was done in the morning when the light shone through the windows, creating a wonderful moody lighting.
The Carriageworks is an old disused railway workshop where the trains of Sydney were maintained. It's an old and super interesting space with dusty windows that filters the bright sunlight beautifully - no need for any artificial light!
I hand held my Canon 5D Mark IV and moved around following the dancer and videographer, making sure I didn't get in the way!
The lighting and the hardness of the surrounds helped make the delicate dancer more so. It was a great juxtaposition between the two - I took many photos of the whole dance, some of the worked, some of them didn't - this one did!
I shoot RAW so yes I did do some post-processing. For me this entails importing my images into Capture One where I catalogue them before choosing which ones I'll take into Photoshop. If any of them need some colour correction I will do this in Capture One. I make sure that I don't have any sharpening added as I export them to a tif, I prefer to do this in Photoshop. Once exported for this image I ran Guy Gowan's action, if you haven't come across Guy you should take a look at his site and learn his philosophy - it's game changing. Anyway I diverse. For this image I did cool the colour palette to bring out the moodiness and dodged the dancer to make sure she remained the centre of attention.
In my camera bag
It really depends what I'm shooting. If landscapes I carry too much!! My landscape bag will have my Canon 5D Mark IV body, I love this camera. I have a few lenses I take with me: a Zeiss 21mm f2.8 prime, beautiful results pretty much guaranteed; a Schneider 50mm f2.8 prime tilt shift perfect for stitched panoramas; a Canon f2.8 70mm to 200mm zoom, sometimes a wide angle just doesn't work and finally my trusty Canon f2.8 24mm to 70mm zoom - super reliable and super flexible; a set of Lee filters - a little stopper, big stopper and a couple of neutral density graduated filters. For this shoot though all I had was the 5D Mark IV and the Canon f2.8 24mm to 70mm!
It's unusual to be able to take stills on a video shoot but you could certainly set something up like this yourself. I believe that this image works because of the soft natural lighting at the venue and the stark contrast between the softness of the dancer and the environment. If you did want to create something similar, do your homework. Make sure that you choose the time of day which gives you exactly the kind of lighting you want, this may mean visiting the venue on more than one occasion, but it'll be worth it!

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