Juli 2014

Juli 2014
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SURREALIMAGE Eldios learwoody


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WildArizonaPhotography April 21, 2018
The natural sunlight in this picture is exquisitely done. Beautiful shot.
Beardog2003 PRO
Beardog2003 June 27, 2018
great light and pose

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a parking garage in Darmstadt near Frankfurt am Main.
I really like the light early in the morning. That was in July at 08.00 in the morning. It is usually difficult to motivate people to get up very early. It was easy with Joelle. :-) We met at 06.30 clock and first photographed on top of the parking deck.
I really like the available light. In this picture, it was important to capture the backlight and this great mood. I really like the lens flares here too. I think they still value the picture.
I took this picture with a Nikon D800 and the Nikon 24-70 f / 2.8.
We had already taken beautiful pictures on the upper parking deck in front of this picture. I wanted to capture a completely different lighting situation. We went through the parking deck and found this great corner. The frame of the window in the background and the light was perfect. :-)
The RAW development I have made with Adobe Lightroom. Additionally, I did some retouching in Photoshop. Also, I have slightly enhanced the effect of the lens flare.
In my camera bag
I mostly do the people photography outside and on location. To be as mobile as possible, I usually take a camera and 2-3 lenses with me. Most of them are a 50/f1,4, 35/f1,4 and an 85/f1,8. In addition, of course, spare batteries, memory cards and accessories for cleaning.
Here are some tips: - Always have a goal. In the beginning these were more technical things for me. (Use a specific objektiv, Use flash, ....) Today, these are usually the people in certain moods to photograph. - Learn to understand the light. - Repeat things until you are satisfied. - Involve the model in brainstorming. - Make yourself a mood board (light setups, example pictures, ....)

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