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Behind The Lens

This photo was shot directly on my dining room table, a few feet away from a North-facing window.
I believe the time of day was the late summer afternoon, hence the beautiful softer lighting.
I was definitely going for a moodier shot here with the lighting and the thing about this positioning was that the window I shot in front of was actually part of an enclosure and did not open directly outside, so the lighting was actually filtered twice through two windows.
I used a Canon T3 camera, no special lens, just the lens it came with, no flash, no tripod. I did stand on a chair positioning myself over the table to achieve that flatlay.
You know, I'm not actually much of a baker, but I've been seeing these great bread shots and I seriously just wanted that deep, dark, rustic bread photo. The fact that the table was still covered in flour was like the cherry on top. It wasn't planned, but I'm glad I didn't clean it up. And I thought that little heart written in the flour was a sweet touch that gave an otherwise more serious photo some whimsy.
A little bit of editing, just to enhance the natural lighting. Darkening of shadows, a little vignette in the corners to add mystery, etc.
In my camera bag
Honestly I like to travel light. It makes it easier to be spontaneous. Just the camera, the original lens, a couple extra memory chips and a second battery pack.
I think my greatest advice will always be to just let it happen. Overthinking, overstyling, not the way to go. Life is messy and unplanned and I think the best photography reflects that.

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