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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my room. I am an amateur photographer so I do not pay too much attention to the lights and shadows, but I try to get the best out of what I have.
This is one of the photos that I appreciate the most, because of the story behind it. Indeed, I wanted to take this picture during the later hour of the night but, at the same time, in the early hours of the morning. In other words, when the moon has not yet gone to sleep and when the sun is not yet ready to make the rooster crowing. This is because I wanted to avoid sleep and be as tired as possible to instill a sense of depth and empathy to the photo.
As I said before, I do not pay too much attention to lighting when shooting indoors, however I tried to get as much light as possible to illuminate my face to cancel the shadows behind me and make my eyes very clear.
This was shot on a Canon EOS 1300D, with an EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens and a Fotopro tripod. That's all folks!
This is the question I was waiting for with more trepidation! This picture was inspired by my grandfather's good soul, which has always been a great example of a man for me. Indeed, since he was a child, he worked as a bricklayer in the small village where I still live and, at that time, the pay was not very high. Make ends meet was a real challenge and the additional costs were not on the agenda as in our daily life. The only things needed were a roof over your head, bread for your family and tools for working. Only with the advance of old age and with the steady stabilization of modern times he has been able to do shopping on a whim, namely the purchase of the borsalino hat "Saturnia" - size 54 - that I wear in the photo. It is the only gift he has ever made to himself and it is the only present that he has ever given me. Not so much for the hat, as for the values ??that he transmitted to me with that gesture: he worked for a lifetime, he always sacrificed himself to achieve a goal so small for everyone but so much brobdingnagian for him. With this photo I wanted to honor his memory. Very often people make me notice how much similarity there is between me and him, so I wanted to make this resemblance even greater: in addition to the borsalino hat, I put a pencil on my ear to state his work. Indeed, very often bricklayers use pencils to write certain engineering measures on the walls. Then a shirt, which was the Sunday garment to go to church. As well as a serious face and a hint of beard, which was common for the photos of that era - obviously taken only in black and white.
Usually portraits photography requires a lot of post-processing, so that you can delete all imperfections and make the subject's face perfect. But, this time, I wanted to make the photo more "real", leaving the dark circles, taking care less the beard and the shadows or other details that, otherwise, I would have eliminated.
In my camera bag
The first thing I always pack in Amazon Basic bag is my Canon EOS 1300D camera body together with EF-S IS II 18-55 mm lens, so that I can shooting any situation. About portraits photography, I carry with me EF 50mm f/1.8 for a perfect bokeh effect and, when in countryside, I use the EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens for amazing wildlife photos. For night photos, my Fotopro tripod is mandatory and occasionally a 10-stop ND filter for long exposures.
For portraits photography it is essential to make the subject feel at ease and, if as in my case your subject is yourselves, you will have no problems! Before shooting, it is good to understand what you want to convey with your photography. There are a lot of beautiful photos, there are few who want to convey something, even less what they can achieve in their intent.

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