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DNproSTUDIO Apr 29
nice the black and white portrait

Behind The Lens

We took this photo in the bathroom area of the venue, Club Gretchen in Berlin. We took a good few that day though :)
This is a complete different story. First it was unsure if this shoot is gonna happen in general or not - but in the end it did and I am super thankful for that. This day definitely reawakened something within me.
Usually there were lots of colors, and we have versions in color too , but this one just looks better in black and white. Been thinking about it again and again but we decided to go b/w :D
This was shoot on a Canon 5D MarkIII, 50mm 1.4 lens, no flashes, ‘natural’ light from the club and the interior lights.
I kind of inspired myself that day. She has been asking for photographers to work with before that tour and I decided to write her, as I took photos of her in the past (only stage photos though) - then it almost did not happen - as there were circumstances to deal with. So glad it did happen though and I bet what we were both inspired with that day was the feeling of being strong independent women, yet this day we worked a lot with being vulnerable. Vulnerability is something so pure, raw and authentic - we love it.
Nope. This was all spontaneous as most of my shoots are. Sometimes I do have like a little theme in mind, not for this one though. Went with the flow.
In my camera bag
As I do not own a digital cam at the moment I almost always have my canon AE-1 and a 1.4 lens with me. Just love this camera for like everyday moments but also to create some moods with people. Never disappoints. And I have this little fun camera called pop cam (12$) which is super light and shoots 4 pictures in andy warhol style in 4 different colors+frames each shot.
Do not overthink, or doubt yourself - especially when shooting like bigger artists such as musicians. Set good intentions for the shoot, do not talk yourself down or so. If you can maybe ask the venue to come around a bit earlier if you know the location up to one day upfront, so you can get a glimpse of the light situation and explore the area. Just go with the flow and make sure basic stuff (like batteries being charged and such) is all set up. Whatever you are going through that day, try to express it in the picture too, because photography and visual expression in general can be so therapeutic and can be a great experience for you and learning to work more with your intuition. Just go for it and be yourself! And even if you dont get along with someone - try to see it that way: then it was just not meant to be but there are so many other artists to collaborate with. Self trust!

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