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Mar, 2018

Sunset from Tower Bridge

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at London Tower Bridge
Just before sunset on a very, very cold winter day. I went over the bridge and stood at that spot to try and capture the sunset. I knew I had about 30 min to capture it before the sun go down. I tried different long exposure values and at some point, I was so cold that my finger tips lost all feelings even though I was wearing a thick pair of gloves. I had to stop after reaching the point where I couldn't even tell if i'm pressing the shutter button or not.
The light was changing quickly when I arrived at the bridge. I can see the nice colours in the sky and reflection over the water but it was getting less vibrant and bright by the minute. I knew I had to be quick to capture this image. In fact, I took about 12 photos and this was the "magic moment" where the light was just right.
I just used my Nikon D610 camera with Tamron 28-75mm lens mounted over a tripod.
Tower bridge is an iconic part of London. Most photos are of the bridge it self and the traffic going through it. When I arrived at the bridge, I had the same idea in mind but when I noticed the sunset, I was drawn to the colours and wanted to capture that lovely view. We live in a very busy city where everything moves so fast. So to capture a still, tranquil and beautiful view was like a moment of calmness in a sea of noise.
I did not want to over edit this photo in order to preserve the natural colours and feel. I boosted the vibrancy, contrast a added a bit of clarity to bring details in the buildings. I even left the crane in the photo to show that imperfections can be a good thing in a photo and add its own element.
In my camera bag
Inside my camera bag you will find, my Nikon D610 camera, Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 lens, Nikkor 35mm 1.8 lens, cleaning kit and shutter remote.
I think there are so many different photos by so many different photographers of this spot in London over different times of the day and year. We should all take a step back to appreciate the beauty we have around us since we live in a very fast paced city where everything changes and everyone is in a rush. You might only get a few minutes to capture a beautiful moment, scene or view, so you shouldn't just pass it by as it makes all the difference and brings some colour in our everyday routine life.

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