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JM18Photography July 13, 2018
MelissaSueBall July 13, 2018
Great photo ... And since on homeless subject I was homeless in 2013 for 6 months wasn't easy but then again back then compared to now it was more fun then how I live now :( but somewhere in my photos on here I have a photo of a homeless man on a bench

Wornout socks(3)





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Behind The Lens

This photo was a collaboration between me and my boyfriend. It's taken in the basement of our home.
If I remember correctly it was late afternoon on evening.
Our windows in the basement are small so the natural lighting wasn't enough. We used a regular desk lamp to get the effect and atmosphere that we were looking for in this shot.
We used a Nikon D5600 with standard lens. We didn't use the tripod for this, since it was supposed to be lined up to the floor.
This photo was originally a commission from an online friend who wanted a photo of a girl with wornout socks. The rest was up to us and I got the idea that we should also make my feet look dirty and that I should sit on a floor, getting a "homeless girl"-feeling over it.
I edited the shot in photoshop, hightened the contrast and adding the black and white filter to make it look a bit more "depressing", like I wanted it to be. Then I brought out the shadows some more to make the whole feet and the dirt look even more distinguished.
In my camera bag
I'm pretty much a simple person because of my economy, only carrying with me my Nikon D5600 with a standard lens. Sometimes I also bring my tripod and my close up +10 mm lens.
It might sound cheesy, but the most important thing is believe in yourself. A while ago I was doubting myself all the time, thinking I would never in a million years be able to win a contest here on Viewbug. I thought that every photo I saw was better than any of my own. I thought I could never win because I don't have super expensive equipment or because I've never worked as a professional photographer. But I managed to win the Amateur prize with this photo. Believe that you can do it, because you can! Other than that I suggest thinking about what kind of mood you want in your picture. For this depressing atmosphere I captured in this photo I suggest using a dark room with a simple light, and then add black and white filter and highten the shadows in post-processing. Good luck!

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