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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my Malawi aquarium. Using food as a lure he soon enjoyed the game!
This caused a few headaches in the beginning with reflections. So waiting until the room is as dark as possible was key.
Lighting was interesting for this shot. Because of the bow front to the tank the lighting had to come from the top. I suspended a modelling light above the tank to give enough power to penetrate the water without terrifying the fish.
Tripod, model light neewer 300w.
There is a grace and fluidity about the movement of fish that is relaxing to watch and pleasantly challenging to capture.
I usually shoot in raw and the use Lightroom to tidy it up. In this case I had to use a high iso (even with the light )so there’s more NR than normal.
In my camera bag
Canon 80D with 50mm 1.8 prime and and 18-135mm. If I’m walking around these cover most of what I’m doing. I’ll also bring a 24mm 2.8 prime , it just fits in your pocket why not
Set up and let them get used to your kit and you. Their eyesight is exceptional jerky movements and heavy feet are going to cause scared , difficult to photograph and hiding fish. Patience, knowing your subject and a predisposition to trial and error and it’ll be good.

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