John256 Mar 08
Interesting pose, nice catchlights.
Thank you very much
simonparry Mar 14
Super capture..

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Mar, 2018

Retro Girl

Polish model Patrycja Kłos
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Won Contest Finalist in Social Exposure Photo Contest Vol 15May, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Fashion Statement Photo ContestApril, 2018
Won Curator's ChoiceMarch, 2018


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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in the studio in Torun Poland. The funny part is that the time in this studio was free for me - as a gift from studio that I got after my client posted me for giveaway on studios fan page.
That was a very cold evening - the coldest part of winter here, so we had to wait for half an hour until the temperature was bearable for my models.
It was my first time working with continuous light sources at the studio... and first time working in real studio with cyclorama :) Two lights - one on the floor with softbox, the other over the model with beauty dish covered with diffuser
I used Sony A7 with Minolta 50mm lens - the simplest setup possible.
I wanted to have some fresh Spring photo session after a long time of Winter. The model has beautiful, big eyes and I wanted to emphasize this.
Very simple post processing in LR with a little of local brush adjustments with clarity and color on eyes. Nothing sophisticated.
In my camera bag
I am user of Sony bodies since A100... My recent upgrade was to A7. I love playing with manual lenses so Helios 40 is always in my bag when I shoot portraits, but many other M42 and A-mount lenses too. I prefer prime lenses. Still have no E-Mount lens in my bag:)
This was a very simple setup with two lights, prime lens and beautiful model. I would say - just practice a lot and have fun!

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