Gare do oriente

Awesome building designed by Calatrava located in Lisbon.

Awesome building designed by Calatrava located in Lisbon.
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Amazing shot
peterjrobert Jul 31
great picture, lovin' it

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Behind The Lens

I have toke this photo in Lisbon, a city full of architectural spots.
I was visiting the city looking for inspiration. Probably, at 5 pm, I was redirected by a couple of local people to visit the Gare do Oriente, one of the most futuristic buildings of Santiago Calatrava.
Since I have entered this building, I perceived the architect intention. The environment looks cold, almost steampunk. I got an advantage from the natural lights, giving the perspective sensation and guiding the eye to the center. Inside the location, I was forbidden to stand my tripod. I have had to find out a compromise to keep the camera stable in the right angle and for all the exposition time.
To realize this photograph I have used a Canon 6D with the 24-70 2.8L Canon series.
In that period, I was exploring the architectural side of Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has a lot of futuristic buildings, which motivate visits from many people around the world. I particularly appreciate Calatrava's design. His powerful point of view inspires my creativity to find minimal photographic frames.
For this specific series of photographs, I reduce a bit the temperature of the photo, to turn it colder. The post-production process was entirely focused on balancing the shadows and lights. The perfect match grants a high dynamic range at the picture.
In my camera bag
For most of my last travels, I have brought my Canon 6D with 24-70 2.8L, 70-200 2.8L Lens. Sometimes, depending on the location, I added a fisheye lens and the Mavic Pro 2 Drone. Today, and always more often, I am facing on new requests or necessities which let me rent specific cameras for a precise result, and I love to use medium format cameras, because of their wide dynamic range.
The photography field is immense. Especially nowadays you can't say if there is someone better than another. Each picture has a story to tell, so if you are passionate about architecture, the best advice I can share is to copy photographers you admire. This process will let you inside their mind and you will feel and live their experiences. This way will grow up faster your knowledge, helping a lot to develop your work style.

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