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Mar, 2018

One With Nature

As the surfer walked towards his spiritual home, he became one with nature.

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Behind The Lens

The beach is my favorite place to exercise my mind, body & soul while taking photos. One afternoon after work, I went for a walk along the beach in Ocean Beach California looking for a spot to catch the sunset.
The sky looked so interesting, like nothing I'd seen before, I was so excited, I found it hard to sit still. It was sometime between 5PM & 6PM when the sun began to set behind the clouds creating a beautiful moody environment.
The sun was hiding behind the clouds casting an array of pastel colors in the sky & moody lighting. I was taking photos of the ocean & the sky when I saw a surfer walking along the beach & into the ocean. As I kept shooting, I thought the lighting would make for beautiful silhouette photos & hoped the surfer would walk right into the beam of light the sun was casting on the ocean & beach...thankfully he did.
This photo was captured using my Canon 80D & my EFS 18-55 mm macro 0.25/0.8ft lens.
The sunsets in San Diego are unlike any I've ever seen. They are some of the most beautiful ones I've yet to experience, and always different. I love venturing to the beach any chance I get to see what surprising colorful moments I can capture.
In the post processing I brought down the highlights and the darks a little.
In my camera bag
I always carry my camera backpack filled with my Canon EOS 80D, my Canon EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens, EFS 18-55mm macro 0.25m/0.8ft lens, EFS 55-250mm macro 0.85/2.8ft lens, extra camera batteries, battery charger, extra Camera Cards, lens air blower & lens dust cloths, Lens Filters, camera rain bag, trash bag, MacBook Pro laptop, phone charger, promaster monopod & business cards!
Do some research before you go out & shoot: find out about things like weather, low tides & what time the sun's going to set. Trust your vision & follow your heart! Some people don't like to shoot sunset photos when it's cloudy, but I love it! I love clouds & I've personally found that the clouds add some interesting textures, colors & changes the environment sometimes making it more interesting. Someone tried to discourage me from going out & shooting because it was cloudy & I captured this photo on a cloudy day.

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