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This was made during the visit to Kabini part Nagarhole Tiger Reserve.

This was made during the visit to Kabini part Nagarhole Tiger Reserve.
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RaghunandanGumballi December 07, 2019
Thank you so much for all the awards and the likes 🙏
pixelated_co December 12, 2019
RaghunandanGumballi March 14, 2020
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Mat4sp July 02, 2021
AMUZ Mar 22
Great great Great
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (popularly known as Kabini ) ,Karnataka,India.
This image was taken around 5.30 Or 5.45 in the evening. It was on an afternoon safari and close to the fag end of the safari.
The lighting along with the leopard is the hero of the image. It was peak monsoon season and the forest was at its best with greenery all around. The leopard was resting on the fallen tree trunk probably after a heavy meal and was in no mood to get up , the setting sun as it started coming down the rays started to move from the forest floor and on to the leopard Which probably made the leopard wake up from its sleep and as the rays were seeping through the thick forest growth only the place were the leopard was lit up which gave me an opportunity to make this image.
This was made using my Canon 600D coupled with Tamron. 150-600 Lens . As it was a telephoto lens I had carried a bean bag to provide support.
The light gave me an opportunity and leopard on the log was a perfect setting which reminded me of the king on the throne.
I use Adobe bridge along with Adobe camera raw and photoshop to process my images, here I have done the basic colour correction and a bit of saturation.
In my camera bag
I now carry two camera bodies Would be mostly two bodies, Canon 1DX and 5D Mark 3 . The lenses would be 500 f/4 is2 and 70-200 2.8 is2. I also carry a bean as using tripod on a safari vehicle would be difficult. I carry enough memory cards along with a portable hard disk drive to back up images.
Always look for opportunities , get inspired from images made by great photographers understand the thought process behind the images as it will help you to identify the opportunity and quickly change the setting to make the image which you would have visualised.

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