RTDPhotos Mar 05
beautiful photo and subject. there is a challenge - fashionable women. You should enter this photo
pietnel Mar 06
Gorgeous love it
ray_zabala Mar 22
marcbaechtold May 13
great composition with nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!

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Feb, 2018

Snow Queen

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Behind The Lens

This was taken at Kew Gardens in the Palm House on a grim winter's day.
It was about lunchtime. We had just got told off by an officious worker who took exception to us being there, even though it was just the model, me and my camera with no tripod, flash or lighting.
It was an overcast day, but the Palm House is an enormous glasshouse so all available daylight was streaming in. With no bright sunlight to contend with, I was able to place the model where I wanted her to stand and not worry about shadows on her face.
My camera was handheld and I did not use a flash. I rarely use a tripod or flash anyway. My camera is a Canon 5D Mark IV. This was my gorgeous new lens - the 85mm f1.2L prime lens. This was the first time I had used it.
I love creating fairytale type imagery. The model had approached me via social media and had asked me to photograph her. I was in search of somewhere iconic in London where the weather could not spoil things for us in January. Kew Gardens offers many different backdrops and I was able to obtain a few very different images from the day's shoot. I will definitely be returning there again on a warmer day.
Yes, I love post processing! This one was processed in Lightroom and touched up a little in Photoshop. The original was taken in a lush Palm House where shades of green abounded. I turned this into a wintery vista with super cold feel.
In my camera bag
I only usually carry my camera and a small collection of lenses with me. My all purpose lens is my 25-70mm f2.8L but I also take out my 70-200mm f2.8L or a prime lens (85mm or 135mm) depending on what I have in mind to shoot. These days, I tend to take photographs only on pre-arranged shoots and so I am able to plan what I take with me.
Shoots like this need to be carefully planned. The location, model, outfits, styling and makeup were all planned beforehand. I had not obtained formal permission to shoot, but had read the Garden's general guidelines on photography posted on their website, so knew where the boundaries lay. You also need to have in mind the type of images you are seeking to obtain. Public places like this can be busy and you need to be able to take a shot quickly once the area is clear of people.

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