Cintography Mar 22
Well done!
Wow I like this alot
nataliethorpe Mar 22
Magnificent moody photo!
Hamburgensie Mar 23
Beautiful, congratulations!
KarenKhawand Mar 28
Congrats on your winning, amazing shot, balance of colors, good timing, keep shooting, regards, Karen

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Feb, 2018

wheat storm

love the gold of the wheat and the darkness of the storm rolling in

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Won Community Choice AwardNovember, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Rural Vistas Photo ContestJuly, 2018
Won Lowepro BackpackMarch, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Moody Vistas Photo ContestMarch, 2018


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Behind The Lens

when ever I know that a storm is coming through the delta around me, I try my best to get out and take pictures of them. If I could make a living at just doing that I would.
It was around 4 pm on May the 31. Some years we have good storms that make for great photo like this one with the wheat ready to harvest.
I felt that it had the right darkness with the gold of the wheat to make a good photo
I use a nikon d5200 with a fisheye lens, no tripod and the setting are 1/2000sec iso100
It may sound dark but I love the darkness of the storm clouds with the light coming through the tops of the cloud and the gold from the wheat was just a added plus to the photo.
lets see...... I did run the photo thru lightroom but only to bring out what I remember the moment looking like, as long as I have been taking pictures the camera never really take the photo as I remember seeing it. Just enough highlight and contrast to bring the photo back to what I remember. I shot more to the right with the histogram so I bring it back to center in the post processing. I find that works best for me, not say it works for everyone but it seems to work for me.
In my camera bag
I keep all my gear with me at all time cause you never know, nikon d5200, nikon d7000, nikon nikkor 18-105mm len, nikon nikkor 70-300mm len, tamron 10-24mm wide angle, nikon nikkor prime 50mm, nikon nikkor 18-55mm, 6.5mm fisheye len and a tamron 200-400mm lens. then 2 tripods and a monopod. nikon speedlight sb700 flash and last a vivitar 2x macro focusing teleconverter, gopro hero 3, (2) gopro sessions,
Get out there and just start taking pictures, some of my first shot of storms just look bad, I mean really bad but I keep at it not to try to get a great shot but because it is something that I love doing. Getting to see nature at her best and worse only minutes a part sometime. I will say be careful, I have gotten into some pretty bad storms. Know your way out or a way to a safe place, it can go from good to why am I out here really fast. Have fun and play, thats what I try to do. Remember if you don't try it you will never know how much you like it or hate it. So give it a try.

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