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dpken PRO+
dpken January 04, 2019
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my small garage studio. I utilize fabrics that I buy from fabric stores as backdrops. In this case it was simply black.
Time of day does not matter in this shot of course.
When I shoot nudes, I often choose to highlight and obscure parts of the body in order to create sensual lines. For me, what you don't see is sexier than what you do see. In this case, I chose a simple rim light for the camera left side creating a thin line accentuating her curves.
I'm a cinematographer by profession and I use my tungsten Arri lights and LEDs that I shoot films with. I work with bounce sources quite a bit. I also have ring lights that are fun. My camera is a Sony A7R2 with a 50mm SLR Magic lens. I tend to work with a F4 or F5.6 stop on that lens where it's the sharpest. No tripod for my portraits. I like the freedom to just pick up my camera and shoot.
My inspiration for this photo was to find a way to enhance the beauty of her body with lighting. Again, nudes aren't really about the body parts you see. It's about the body as art.
I work with Photoshop to do simple edits with contrast and color. In this photo, it was simple. In some of my portrait photographs I'll work with enhancing the eyes and sharpness as well.
In my camera bag
My bag is quite minimalist. Camera, 50mm lens, a fisheye lens, 3 batteries, cards, tiny little table top tripod. I have Nikon lenses as well as some Sony Cinealta cinematography lenses. But I prefer my 50mm in which I can use the crop sensor as well as the full frame option.
My advice for similar photography is to study other photographers. I look at many photographer's work every day. I see what they do and find inspiration through them. I always look at lighting in every day situations such as eating in diners as well as nice restaurants. In underground parking structures or in the DMV! Everywhere you look during the day you can be inspired. Mostly, experiment. Don't be afraid to fail. My rule of thumb is if you only acheive 10% of your photo session great, you'd doing well. Be very critical of your own work.

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