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Beautiful shot!
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Thank you, much appreciate it
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Feb, 2018


Sunset from Half Moon Bay, California

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Behind The Lens

I captured this shot this past January in Half Moon Bay at Martins Beach. I had organized a meetup with some shutterbug friends and headed to the coast to explore this beach in hopes of some good light.
As we arrived, we had a brief chat on a few locations I had scouted previously to give the new members that had never been an idea on what to expect. Once we got to the beach, everyone began walking and looking for interesting places to shoot from. As I walked the beach, I had noticed a few rocks that may possibly be a good spot to shoot as it got closer to sunset.
As soon as the sun had gone below the horizon, I moved to this location and timed my shot as a wave came over the boulder that was on this spot. I also noticed that the waves were coming in sets and was hoping to get the wave coming over the rock. I timed the shot to get the shot I captured here, the next wave got much closer getting me wet and nearly hitting the camera.
The gear I used is the Canon 5D IV, 16-35mm F-4 @ 19mm, F-22, 2 -Stop ND Grad, ISO-100. 1/4 expo, RRS-TVC-33 Tripod, BH55 Ballhead
I've always enjoyed this rock formation, depending on what area you view it from it always has a charm I've really enjoyed.
I processed the RAW file in Adobe CC, applied lens correction, chromatic abbreviation, white balance was set at 75 Kelvin, opened up the shadows, and reduced the highlights and whites. I realized I had a few sensor spots I should have removed in my post processing. Gotta get the camera cleaned.
In my camera bag
My camera bag has two lenses, 16-35mm, 24-70mm, I used sighn ray nd filters 150x170 (2 and 3 stop hard, and 2 and 3 stop soft grad) using them on the Colkin Z-pro holder.
When even you shoot, give your self some time to plan your shot. When you arrive at the location walk the area and look for different angles to shoot from and find interesting foreground objects to help you anchor the viewers perspective. And as always, enjoy your time when ever the opportunity presents itself.

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