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Behind The Lens

It was taken on Ashness Jetty, close to Ashness Bridge on the shore of Derwent Water in the North Lake District.
Just before sunset in Golden Hour
I was looking for some dramatic lighting. I noticed there was quite a lot of clouds with plenty of movement, these were ideal for the type of image I had thought about creating.
Nikon D810, Gitzo Tripod 24-70 lens and lee Filters and shutter release cable.
I specialise in long exposure photography, I had thought about creating this image for a while it’s one of my favourite locations, and I was just waiting for the right conditions. I wanted to create a very surreal effect with smooth water and big movement in the clouds and sky, ideally with no people about. Unfortunately there were a couple of people on the Jetty but in retrospect I now don’t think it spoils the image.
I did my post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, nothing major in Lightroom, a few tweeks with levels, exposure, and contrast before transferring to Photoshop to add a bit of drama to the image.
In my camera bag
My Nikon D810, 24-70 & 16-35 are my go to lens, shutter release cable a large range of filters including different strengths of grad filters and also a 10 stop and 6 stop filters for long exposure work. I also always have the filter holders a couple of different types, lens cloths, spare batteries and spare SD cards. Also for trips always I have a whistle head torch and some warm clothes as you never know what’s going to happen.
Practice Is the key, get out there and try it’s not really important how good your kit is it’s how well you use it. POV when doing long exposure work is quite important a different angle or position can add so much more drama to an image, also understanding all about the relationship between aperture, light and use of your filters is crucial and the only way to fully understand this is with lots of practice. Above all love what you do and enjoy learning and improving it’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable after all.

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